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Rex Barron is a film animator who has become a book illustrator. Born in New Jersey, educated at UCLA and Art Center College of Design, he now lives in New Mexico. While working in the film industry he was an illustrator, animator and background design artist for animation studios including Hanna-Barbera, Ralph Bakshi Productions and Filmation Studio in Los Angeles. While in California he worked for film and television productions including The Lord of the Rings, Starchaser, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and The Pink Panther.

For the last fifteen years. Rex has presented at schools and education
industry conventions across America, including several trips to Europe,
where he worked with the European Council of International Schools
and the Department of Defense Dependants' Schools (DoDDS).

Rex loves to play folk guitar, listen to classical music, and  attend figure drawing and painting workshops.



The Deer and the Quail (Rdg Prgm)
Rex Barron (Illustrator), Bruno Bernardi (Narrator)
Paperback: 14 pages Publisher: Harcourt School Publishers (September 2005)

rb0399237151.01.jpg (49225 bytes)Showdown at the Food Pyramid
by Rex Barron
Reading level: Ages 4-8 Edition:
Hardcover 32 pages ; Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group;
(June 18, 2004)
ISBN: 0399237151    94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

There's trouble afoot at the Food Pyramid: Strange new junk food like "candy bar" and "hot dog" are kicking off all the healthy food to have their own party. Even poor Granny Smith apple gets the boot! As the fruits and vegetables try to regroup, the junk keeps the party going. But no pyramid can support all that junk for long-when it comes time to rebuild, will the healthy foods be able to find the right balance?

With different diets receiving so much attention in recent years, nutrition can be a confusing topic for young readers, so Rex Barron uses a simple story and animated edibles to present an easy introduction to the basic concepts of healthy eating as recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture

Editorial Reviews

From School Library Journal  In this dynamic picture book, personified foods fight a battle over good nutrition. . . . The message is up front, but the humorous tone keeps the story from becoming overwhelmingly didactic. The pictures are great, with vivid colors and lots of drama and personality. Barron's light touch and child-friendly approach make this offering more enjoyable than most of the books available on nutrition.–Lauralyn Persson, Wilmette Public Library, IL Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Fed Up! : A Feast of Frazzled Foods by Rex Barron (Illustrator), Victoria Wells (Editor), Reading level: Ages 4-8 Library Binding - 32 pages (October 2000) Putnam Pub Group Juv; rb0399234500.01.LZZZZZZZ (33692 bytes)

    ISBN: 0399234500      94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

See Anxious Apples, Impatient Ice Cream, lettuce that's Suddenly Salad...whether they're about to be eaten, melting in the hot sun or being tossed in a salad bowl, Rex Barron's eye-catching characters are altogether hilarious, tragic, and so nearly human! A fresh and unique ABC for all ages--see the real feelings of the foods you eat. Irresistible fruits, vegetables and other foods bring new meaning to the food chain and a dose of humor to eating. This book is impossible to look at without laughing--and thinking about your next bite!

Editorial Reviews
From Booklist There's a lot of alliteration in this alphabet of moody foods. From Anxious Apples to Zen Zucchini, the fruits and veggies on these pages weather a range of emotions and situations. Young readers will find some of the word choices challenging and fun, although a few seem less descriptive and out of synch with the others: S shows mixed vegetables falling into a colander, with the text reading only "Suddenly Salad," for example. It's the pictures that will draw children's interest. Detailed, colorful acrylic-and-pencil illustrations place the anthropomorphic foods in scenes kids will giggle over: an ugli fruit confronts himself in the mirror. This is for a slightly older audience than Saxton Freymann and Joost Elffers' How Are You Peeling? [BKL F 1 00], and it lacks some of that title's simple whimsy. Nonetheless, young ones will probably find plenty to laugh about and may tackle some new vocabulary along the way. Gillian Engberg Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

The Big Bug Ball, by Dee Lillegard, Rex Barron (Illustrator), Paperback, Published by Putnam Pub Group Juv, Publication date: March 1999 8  rb0399231218_m.gif (15748 bytes)
             ISBN: 039923121     94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
Katydids and crickets, come and get your tickets.
It's the night of the Big Bug Ball! There's music and dancing and love is in the air. But one little sowbug is too shy to dance. Is there a perfect partner for her in the crowd?

With its lilting text and radiant pictures, The Big Bug Ball will invite and enchant readers. Rex Barron's artwork has attracted legions of fans since the publication of his first book, Eggbert, the Slightly Cracked Egg, which Booklist called "brimming with fun."

                                             A 2000 IRA-CBC Children's Choice Book

Editorial Reviews
From Kirkus Reviews , April 12, 1999  A good, steady beat drives this celebration of bugs displaying some mighty fine footwork. It is a nighttime gathering of dragonflies and butterflies, fleas and bees, ants and crickets, all with one thing on their minds: ``Come one, come all!/Dance, dance, dance./It's the Big Bug Ball!'' A sow bug admits what is evidently most unbuglike: ``I don't know how to dance.'' The rest of them won't stand for it; they show her some fancy moves, introduce her to another sow bug, and soon, even the Grasshopper Hop is within her grasp. Lillegard's text is ripe for a number of rhythms, from lilting to dangerous, and she keeps the story simple. Barron's artwork hums along, and he throws in a few sight gags that will please older readers, such as the cockroach dressed in whites and striking a familiar disco pose. He even provides a little nature lesson with his anatomically correct bugs. (Picture book. 4-8) -- Copyright 1999, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

Eggbert : The Slightly Cracked Egg (Paperstar), by Tom Ross, Rex Barron (Illustrator), Published by Paper Star, Publication date: March 1997 ISBN: 0698114442      
                                         94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Life in the fridge is always sunnyside up for Eggbert until it's discovered that he is slightly cracked--then he is banished from the carton forever. A Grade-A story with a center of gold, for anyone with a flaw of one kind or another.

Editorial Reviews and Commentary for Eggbert : The Slightly Cracked Egg (Paperstar)

From Booklist , 02/01/94: Eggbert is one of the most popular items in the refrigerator, delighting the veggies and the dairy products with his paintings. But one day, Eggbert gets cracked and is forced to leave the fridge. To disguise his crack in the outside world, Eggbert paints himself to look like his surroundings, but just when he's covered himself with flowers or drawn a skyscraper on his back, he's discovered. Then, Eggbert falls and gets cracked so badly, he knows he can't disguise himself anymore. He's cracked but so is the rest of the world, he notices: there are cracks of light in the sky, cracks in the landscape, cracks everywhere. This knowledge frees Eggbert to be the egg he was meant to be: artist and observer of life. Kids can't help but be attracted by the wonderful artwork. The authors have worked for years in animation, and the pictures here are slick, beautifully colored, and brimming with fun. The message is also slick, but it's a useful one that even preschoolers can assimilate. Move over Dancing Raisins, here's Eggbert. Copyright 1994, American Library Association. All rights reserved

From Kirkus Reviews , 02/15/94: "...Barron--a former animator making his picture-book debut--has created a vivacious Humpty Dumpty look-alike and set him, among other entertaining caricatures, in an inviting world that's as bright as new paint. (Picture book. 4-8) -- Copyright 1994, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

From Horn Book :"... well-executed illustrations.."

:From the author (Rex Barron): Eggbert was a wonderful first book assignment

After working in animation studios for eleven years, it was indeed a pleasure to do the art for Eggbert. Putnam was very supportive all the way, and truly encouraged me to do the best job I was capable of. Tom Ross' uplifting tale brought out a mixture of whimsy and heroism in my work, and I feel fortunate that Eggbert was my first picture book project. It has been translated into two foreign languages, and promises to stay around for quite a while. I am presently working on my fifth book for Viking/Putnam.

Irma the Flying Bowling Ball : by Tom Ross, Rex Barron (Illustrator), Published by Putnam Pub Group Juv, Publication date: September 1996 ISBN: 0399226419  
                                     94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

For a bowling ball, Irma has a pretty good life. She has her own carrying case, gets polished every week, and wins lots of tournament. But one day Irma sees a balloon in the sky and wishes that she, too, could be a "flying bowling ball."

Editorial Reviews and Commentary for Irma the Flying Bowling Ball

From Horn Book : "...the bright colors of the illustrations give an animated tour of the scenery Irma bounces through. -- Copyright 1997 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

From the author, Rex Barron 06/19/97: Irma is a book full of movement

There is a point in the Irma story where she is set in motion when a little girl drops her. I knew that the art would have to convey a non-stop sense of motion for the book to work. To that extent, I asked Putnam if we could use a horizontal, rather than a vertical format, to enhance that sense of movement across the pages. I like very much a comment my agent made upon seeing the finished product-- that Irma was the "Betty Boop of bowling balls."

The Wild Bunch, by Dee Lillegard, Rex Barron (Illustrator), Published by Putnam Pub Group Juv, Publication date: September 1997 ISBN: 0399228268
                       94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Meet the wild bunch, an appealing cast of fruits and vegetables just bursting with personality. There are mangoes who tango and roots in dirty suits, some who are saucy and some who are sweet. Dee Lillegard's clever verse and Rex Barron's bright illustrations bring these delicious characters to life in a truly enchanting picture book.

Editorial Reviews and Commentary for The Wild Bunch 

From Horn Book : Thirty amusing verses chronicle the antics of a cast of fruits and vegetables including the Carrot Clan: The Carrots stick together / when they're in a crunch. / They pile up their problems-- / and solve them in a bunch.Children may find the poems entertainingly silly, and adults will relish the clever wordplay. Watercolor and colored-pencil pictures suit the volume's lighthearted tone. -- Copyright 1998 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

From School Library Journal: This colorful look at fruits and vegetables consists of 30 short poems, presented on single and double-page spreads. Carrots, a cauliflower, apples, and papaya, as well as other produce, are given personality through simple, yet effectively humorous rhymes.... The poems are paired with bold and vibrant watercolors. The artwork is fun - - vegetables and fruits portrayed with human features and attire are shown dancing, running, playing, and otherwise enjoying themselves. The expressions on their faces are especially engaging, adding an extra layer of charm to the book...."

The Day the Daisies Danced, by Dee Lillegard, Rex Barron, Published by Putnam Pub. Co., Publication date: April 1996 ISBN: 0399226613  
                                   94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Camellia has picked the best possible day for a walk in the garden. This afternoon Sweet William will marry his darling Columbine, and all the flowers are invited. Camellia can hardly believe her eyes--the violets arrive in their best blue shawls and the daffodils are dressed in their overalls.

Editorial Reviews and Commentary for The Day the Daisies Danced Starting with the notion that weddings are dreamlike affairs, Dee Lillegard uses such a ceremony as the springboard for a playful fantasy about the wedding of two blossoms. Lillegard, who has written several children's books, including biographies for a encyclopedic series of presidents, casts the book into a magic world of flowers and romance. Camellia is serving as the flower girl for a wedding when she catapults herself into the fantastic union of Sweet William and Columbine. She watches intently in a book that rings with the wonderment of a child's imagination.

The New York Times Book Review, Cynthia Zarin : [Lillegard] has turned her back almost entirely on the complicated business of human love and looked toward the romantic goings-on of flowers.

The author, Rex Barron, 06/13/97: review captures "Daisies" perfectly My thanks to the folks at for seeing the essence of "Daisies"--a tribute to the imagination of childhood. My main challenge as an illustrator was to design characters for 25 different flowers! The complex spreads with groups dancing and at the wedding took much time, but I am always moved when I hear how the book has touched someone. One father told me his 2-year old daughter insisted on kissing the characters on every page!


Rex Barron makes School Visits which include:  

When Rex makes School Visits he needs a slide screen to help show examples of his work.

His presentations run from 30 to 60 minutes depending on grade level, which is usually Kindergarten through 7th grade.

The Professional Fee (within New Mexico) is $125.00 per session for no more than 3 sessions per day, plus travel expenses. Outside New Mexico the fee is $450/day (three presentations), plus travel expenses.


Rex Barron
6349 Admiral Rickover, N.E.

Abuquerque, NM 87111

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