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     Michael J. Caduto is a popular author, master storyteller, singer/songwriter and ecologist. He has devoted his life to promoting Earth stewardship and cultural understanding and diversity. In 1984 Michael founded P.E.A.C.E. , Programs for Environmental Awareness and Cultural Exchange. He travels from his Vermont home throughout North America presenting performances and workshops for children, teachers, naturalists and general audiences. Michael, who is of Italian ancestry, has worked closely for over a decade with members of many Native American cultures. In 1992 Michael was awarded the New England Regional Environmental Educator Award. Michael also received the New York State Outdoor Education Association's Art and Literary Award for 1990.

Published Books

Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun [Kindle Edition]

Michael J. Caduto
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224 pages
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Kids ages 812 will love these 22 exciting activities and experiments focused on producing and playing with renewable energy. Projects range from the quick and simple like the Pie Plate Wind-Maker to the thrillingly large-scale, like Pedal Power, in which kids use a bicycle to power a 12-volt battery. Each activity teaches children about renewable energy and larger environmental issues. Education doesnt get more fun than this! Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun offers more than enough to get any kid charged up about renewable energy.

Riparia's River Michael J. Caduto (Author), Olga Pastuchiv (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: Tilbury House Publishers (June 1, 2011)

ISBN-10: 0884483274 ISBN-13: 978-0884483274 Order


   When Gretchen, Jason, Mark, and Daphne find their favorite swimming hole filled with green slime, they are horrified. A mysterious, almost magical naturalist named Riparia helps the children understand why the water became polluted-and together they figure out what they can do to bring clean water back to the river they all love.

This lively story about non-point source pollution is filled with both information and action. Realistic, lush illustrations by Olga Pastuchiv illuminate the children's passion for their river and the ecosystem it supports.

Editorial Reviews

The spirit of rivers comes alive literally in Michael J. Caduto s charming new children s book, Riparia s River. By gently teaching a small group of children about river systems and habitats, Riparia empowers the children to lead a community effort to restore an ecosystem badly out of balance. The combination of education, empowerment and action make the book ideal for inspiring readers to care about all water resources. --Dennis L. Nelson, President & CEO of the Project WET Foundation

This story will resonate with everyone who splashed in a stream as a child. Reading it, I was transported back to the warm, lazy days of summer chasing frogs and butterflies and wondering what all the green stuff was growing in the water. Riparia embodies the spirit of people everywhere who care about streams, wildlife, and clean water. --Paul T. Zeph, Former President, North American Association for Environmental Education

A fairy tale about water and a lesson on how kids can help clean up their streams and ponds long live Riparia! --Alice Outwater, author of Water: A Natural History

Earth Tales from Around the World   by Michael J. Caduto, Adelaide Murphy Tyrol (Illustrator) Paperback - 208 pages (October 1997)  Fulcrum Pub;   
 ISBN: 1555919685 Order   
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Editorial Reviews
From Booklist, April 1, 1998 
The theme of this impressive collection of 48 traditional tales from around the world is respect for the natural world. Logically arranged into 10 sections that explore the earth and humankind's relationship to it, the stories within each section are also strongly connected. For instance, a Polynesian Maui yarn that explains the nature of the "sky" is followed by an Inuit story about the creation of the sun, a Navajo tale that introduces the origin of the Milky Way, and an Aboriginal story that looks at how the Pleiades was formed. This book is the first place many of these eloquent tales have been adapted for children; two of them, the Australian legend "The Seven Sisters" and the French folktale "Earth Words," are gems. For both children and adults, the one-page discussion of lessons at the end of each section and the general activities in the back of the book are unobtrusive. There are also extensive scholarly notes, as well as title, culture, and country and geographical indexes. Julie Corsaro Copyright 1998, American Library Association. All rights reserved

The Crimson Elf : Italian Tales of Wisdom
(World Stories Series) by Michael J. Caduto, Tom Sarmo (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12  Hardcover (March 1997) Fulcrum Pub; MJC1555913237.GIF (8917 bytes)
Hardcover ISBN: 1555913237 Order  94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
Paperback ISBN: 1555919952 Order  94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

A lyrical retelling of lively Italian folk stories provide entertaining and gentle lessons for children in a collection that includes the title story, "The Golden Stone," and "Books of Wisdom."


"the Land of Eternal Life," 1998 Storytelling World Honor Award as a "most tellable tale" published in a collection.

Editorial Reviews
From Booklist
, August 19, 1997  Culling a few select folk and fairy tales from traditional Italian lore, storyteller Caduto crafts original tellings of the tales for contemporary audiences. The title story carries a weighty moral lesson: contrary to her mother's cautions, young Donatella wanders away from her home and is lured to the lair of the dangerous crimson elf. A young man's perseverance and courage are rewarded in "A Mountain of Contentment," another of the lesson-laden tales, and "The Land of Eternal Life" leads youngsters to ponder what eternal life is and how it is achieved. A black-and-white pen-and-ink illustration leads off each of the six stories, which will engage youngsters reading international folklore or story hour audiences. Ellen Mandel Copyright 1997, American Library Association. All rights reserved

A Child Of God: Stories Of Jesus And Stewardship Activities For Children by Michael J. Caduto, Adelaide Tyrol Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 48 pages Publisher: Paulist Press (November 1, 2005)childofgod.jpg (68802 bytes)
ISBN: 0809167263  Order 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

A Child of God: Stories of Jesus and Stewardship Activities for Children bridges faith in the wisdom of Jesus Christ with a deep caring for the natural world and all our brothers and sisters. Original versions of stories from the New Testament take children on a journey through the miracles and adventures of Jesus' life as a guide for living in a connected way with all of Creation.

The stories begin with Jesus' birth and go on to show how he lived a life close to nature. Children see how Jesus finds God in the wilderness. Caduto provides reflections and activities that serve as stepping stones for growing children's faith, for exploring and strengthening their relationship to nature and humankind, and for giving thanks.

A Child of God can be used directly by children in the middle-to-upper elementary years, ages 8 to 12, and it can be adapted for younger and older children. It can be shared by teachers, families and congregations, among friends and across generations.

A Child of God leads young hearts and minds to understand the vitality of prayer, the sanctity of Creation and the importance of stewardship and celebration. It will helps young readers to see the stories of their own lives as exciting journeys, and how Jesus can guide them toward a prayerful, caring celebration of nature and community.

In the Beginning: The Story of Genesis and Earth Activities for Children by Michael J. Caduto Reading level: Ages 9-12 Edition: Hardcover 48 pages Publisher: Paulist Press; (September 1, 2004)
6717-4_In_the_Begin.jpg (268872 bytes)ISBN: 0809167174 Order  94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

A lavishly illustrated picture book of Bible stories
A unique set of thoughtful reflections and Earth activities
A valuable resource for re-connecting faith with the natural world

A colorful picture book featuring original versions of Bible stories. Each story is followed by simple, thoughtful reflections and hands-on activities bring to light the nature of Creation and the wisdom that can help to guide our relationship with God's Earth.
In the Beginning can be read and used directly by children in the middle-to-upper elementary years, ages 8 to 12, and beyond. Every activity includes a set of simple instructions followed by a list of the materials needed. This book can also be adapted for younger and older children. It can be shared by teachers, within families, home schoolers, within communities of faith and across the generations. It is ideal for faith-based children's outdoor camps and environmental educators who teach from a perspective of faith.
In the Beginning shows how to appreciate nature, to live in balance with the environment, and to grow loving, respectful  relationships with other people.

Native American Gardening : Stories, Projects and Recipes for Families by Michael J. Caduto, Joseph Bruchac Paperback - 158 pages (April 1996) Fulcrum Pub;Native Gardening.jpg (65627 bytes)
 ISBN: 155591148X  Order  94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

The authors of the best-selling Keepers of the Earth series present a gardening activity book for families. Centering around the Native American approach to gardening, this lovely book combines stories, activities, and recipes to teach the techniques of native farmers--seed preservation, natural pest control--and introduces the relationship between people and gardens


1998  Silver Award from NAPPA
(National Parenting Publications Award)

Editorial Reviews
From Publisher's Weekly: 
Stories about the cycle of life illuminate learning activities in Native American Gardening: Stories, Projects and Recipes for Families by noted storytellers Michael J. Caduto and Joseph Bruchac. Using tribal tales from across the country as inspiration, the authors provide practical information about seed preservation, planting and maintaining the garden, reaping and cooking the harvest

Keepers of the Earth : Native American Stories and Environmental Activities for Children   by Michael J. Caduto, Joseph Bruchac, John Kahionhes Fadden (Illustrator), Carol Wood (Illustrator) Paperback Reissue edition (September 1997) Fulcrum Pub; MJC1555913857.GIF (12923 bytes)
Paperback ISBN: 1555913857 Order 
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Audio Cassette (October 1991) Fulcrum Pub; ISBN: 1555910998  Order 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Paperback Teacher's Guide (Dec.1990)
ISBN: 1555910408  Order                  
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Michael J. Caduto and Abenaki poet and novelist Joseph Bruchac have collected 25 tales and environmental activities from various native American traditions. These stories instill a caring respect for the environment, a wonder at the forces of the earth, and a love for the creatures that fly, walk and swim about us. The tribal source of each tale is noted.

ALA Notable Book for Young Adults 1990
Selected by Natural Resources Defense Council's Amicus Journal as one of the "best environmental children's books"

Keepers of the Animals : Native American Stories and Wildlife Activities for Children by Michael J. Caduto, Joseph Bruchac Paperback 1st  edition (August 1997) Fulcrum Pub;Keepers Animals.gif (205575 bytes)
Paperback ISBN: 1555913865 Order  94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)   

A rich collection of uplifting Native American stories and creative nature activities that will inspire children to love and respect animals. Keepers of the Animals will help children to understand their interdependence with all living beings and life forms.

Association of Children's Booksellers
1992 Choice Award, Collections Category
American Booksellers 1991" Pick of the List"

Paperback Teacher's Guide (Jan.1992)  ISBN: 1555911072 Order 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)          

Editorial Reviews
Midwest Book Review
In Keepers Of The Animals: Native American Stories And Wildlife Activities For Children, the 24 lovingly told and magically illustrated stories about "our relations, the animals" demonstrate the power and importance of animals in Native American traditions and are more relevant today than ever. as the stories unfold and the activities come to life, a holistic, interdisciplinary approach to Native American attitudes toward animals takes shape. Keepers Of The Animals provides a complete program of study in the important concepts of wildlife ecology and environmental issues concerning animals. The activities have been extensively field-tested and involve children in creative arts, theater, reading, writing, science, social studies, mathematics and sensory awareness. They engage a child's whole self, while emphasizing creative thinking and synthesis of knowledge and experience. Highly recommended for personal, school and public library collections.

Keepers of Life : Discovering Plants Through Native American Stories and Earth Activities for Children by Michael J. Caduto, Joseph Bruchac, Carol Wood (Illustrator) Paperback (September 1997)  Fulcrum Pub;   MJC1555913873.GIF (12955 bytes)
                  ISBN: 1555913873 Order   94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Paperback Teacher's Guide (January 1995) ISBN: 1555911870  
Order94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Audio Cassette Fulcrum Pub; ISBN: 1555912141 Order  94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Each of the 19 Native American stories here is a natural teaching tool sparking curiosity in children. Keepers Of Life provides a complete program of study in botany, plant ecology and the natural history of North American plants, from desert to seashore, rainforest to alpine tundra.

Keepers of Life was a a 1995 Instructor's Book Club Selection

Keepers of the Night : Native American Stories and Nocturnal Activities for Children by Michael J. Caduto, Joseph Bruchac, David Kanietakeron Fadden (Illustrator), Reading level: Ages 9-12 Paperback - 146 pages (March 1994) Fulcrum Pub; MJC1555911773.GIF (12660 bytes)

 ISBN: 1555911773  Order  94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
Eight native American stories and nighttime artistic and scientific activities teach children about astronomy and nocturnal weather, plants, and animals, helping them to develop a caring, constructive relationship with nature and the out-of-doors. Parents, teachers, camp counselors, naturalists, and storytellers will delight in these collections of stories and activities immersing children in the mysterious world of the night, their natural surroundings, and the fascinating world of animals.

1999 NAPPA Gold Award (National Parenting Publications Award)
1995 ALA "Best Books for Young Adults"

Pond and Brook : A Guide to Nature in Freshwater Environments by Michael J. Caduto, Joan Thomson (Illustrator), Donella H. Meadows (Foreword) Paperback - 276 pages Reissue edition (April 1990) University Press of New England;MJC0874515092.GIF (12954 bytes)
ISBN: 0874515092 Order  94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Designed specifically for the amateur naturalist and filled with hands-on projects and activities. Pond and Brook introduces readers to the intriguing world of freshwater life. In this handbook, Michael Caduto's keen eye investigates all common freshwater environments, from the wetlands and deep lakes to streams and vernal ponds. His clearly written text is complemented by dozens of photographs and vivid line drawings depicting plants, animals, and their habitats. An important feature of the books is it holistic approach to both living and non-living components of freshwater environments, and how they fit together to weave an ecological whole. Readers will learn the unique properties of water, the basic principles vital to understanding aquatic life, and the origin of freshwater habitats. The sum is a useful entree to a difficult subject, written with enthusiasm and wit.

All One Earth: Songs for the Generations Twelve exciting new songs for families in a collection that stands on its own, and also adds a new dimension to the lessons of the Keepers books--Keepers of the Earth, Keepers of the Animals, Keepers of Life and Keepers of the Night and others.   by Michael J. Caduto   MJC1555912109.GIF (11390 bytes) 
Audio CD (October 1994)  Lunablu;
ISBN: 0967014115  Order 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
Audio Cassette (December 1994) Lunablu;
ISBN: 0967014107
 Order 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Popular Awards from ASCAP
(American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)

All One Earth: Songs for the Generations Songbook lyrics & music by Michael J. Caduto LunaBlu (Publisher) paperback (August 1999) ISBN 0967014123

All One Earth contains eleven songs that touch the heart and mind, connecting us to Earth and each other. The All In One Earth Songbook is the perfect companion to the recording. It contains the chords, lyrics and music to all eleven songs in an easy-to-play format. It is designed for use at home, in school, at camp, during library programs and at any occasion where music is shared with children, families and audiences of all ages.

A Time Before New Hampshire by Michael J. Caduto Edition: Paperback 284 pages ; Publisher: University Press of New England; (January 1, 2005) Time Before.jpg (6847 bytes)

ISBN: 1584653361Order   94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

A Time Before New Hampshire: The Story of a Land and Native People tells the complete story of the land that is New Hampshire, starting with the formation of Earth 4.6 billion years ago and continuing with the evolution of the natural environment up until the Colonial period. In A Time Before New Hampshire Caduto weaves a tapestry of co-evolution between the land and people through time. He takes the reader on a journey through the ancient worlds of New Hampshire's past, including first-hand re-creations of natural and human environments, journeys through historic landscapes and visits with families of long ago. Beautiful photographs and stunning illustrations depict past peoples and environments—nearly 100 images in all including detailed maps of the historic trails and traditional ranges of the indigenous cultures of New Hampshire.

In A Time Before New Hampshire the reader visits the past lives of the Ainobak (Abenaki), New Hampshire's indigenous peoples, and their ancestors who have lived here for 12.000 years. Readers are immersed in their day-to-day existence, their seasonal cycles, culture and storytelling traditions. This unique book introduces the reader into the heart of the historic lives and lands of the Ainobak, with a special emphasis on their beliefs and practices in relationship to the natural world, and the effects over time that the Ainobak have had on forests, wildlife, ecology and on the nature of the land itself. Everything presented in the book is grounded in existing facts and knowledge, covering every aspect of the natural world including geology, glaciology, botany, climatology, ecology, zoology and paleobotany, as well as cultural findings drawn from archaeology and anthropology, written and oral history and current practices among surviving Native peoples.

Reviews of A Time Before New Hampshire
"An excellent extraordinary job. It is brilliantly written and masterfully organized so as to provide the grand context for our time and place and in a very engaging, life-like and empathetic account of the ancient peoples behind the artifacts. There is something for all  readers." — Gary W. Hume, Ph.D., New Hampshire State Archaeologist (ret.)

"A wonderful book that very sensitively conveys the culture of the Abenaki and their ancestors." — Charlie True. Chief of the Tribal Council. Abenaki Nation of New Hampshire

"Caduto has completed a 'mammoth' task with great success. He has provided a balanced mix of cosmology, ethnology, archeology and natural history to create these stories of the past." — Victoria Bunker, Ph.D., Archaeological Consultant and past editor of the
New Hampshire Archeologist

wpe44556.gif (6898377 bytes)Remains Unknown: The Final Journey of a Human Spirit by Michael J. Caduto, Adelaide Murphy Tyrol (Illustrator) Hardcover - 80 pages (October 1, 1999) Images from the Past;   
  ISBN: 1884592244 Order 
94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

In this strange and haunting tale, based on a true story, the reader enters a world suspended between our earthly existence and the realm of the human spirit. A small community of people embarks on an adventure that compels them to bring the mysterious, abused remains of one long dead to a resting place of peace and grace. With help from two distinct spiritual traditions, Christian and Abenaki, and a dose of healing humor in the face of grief, the journey unfolds with a sense of dignity and compassion. Illustrated with original sketches by Adelaide Murphy Tyrol.


A Guide on Environmental Values Education by Michael J. Caduto, published by UNESCO, Paris, France, 1985. 106 pages, illustrated.

This book provides the theoretical and practical tools for developing a holistic environmental values education (EVE) program aimed at teaching children and young adults to value and take care of the Earth and other people. Part I discusses the nature of human values as the roots of our behavior. It reviews the major values education methods in theory and practice, as well as their current applications in EVE programs.

Part II details practical steps and experimental activities to use when designing, conducting and evaluating an EVE program at the primary and secondary levels. It also provides a teacher training model and self-evaluation form to assess competency in theory and methods of EVE. The guide contains a list of curriculum materials and further suggested readings in values education and environmental ethics.

Editorial Reviews
"...provides a useful plan to help teachers working in both formal and informal settings..." The Science teacher Magazine

"To develop environmentally conscious citizens, more than information about natural history and ecology is needed....a recent work by Michael J. Caduto...provides a useful guide to help teachers....." The American Nature Study Society Newsletter.


Mgroup.jpg (23716 bytes)Michael Caduto founded and runs a service called P.E.A.C.E. Programs for Environmental Awareness & Cultural Exchange which promotes understanding, awareness, appreciation and a harmonious relationships between people and Earth, and among the cultures of the Americas.

Services and Materials: Offering educational programs, performances (story, song and dance), teacher workshops, residencies, college courses, public radio and television programs, publications, conference keynotes, consulting on curriculum and outdoor learning center development, writing (books, articles, scripts), integrated land management planning and mapping, canoe trips, and nature walks.

Specializing in nature study, ecological education, World Cultures; Native American studies, storytelling, environmental issues and ethics, freshwater ecology, teacher training and nature trail design and development.

Serving kindergarten through graduate level and reaching over 15,000 people annually throughout North America and beyond.

International: Consulting for Unesco, Paris, as well as Scottish environmental organizations on a performing/educational tour. Frequent Canadian appearances.

Sample Performances:Sample Educational ProgramsSample Teacher Workshops
Earth Tales from Around the

The Rainbow Garden:
Celebrating Cultural Diversity

Diving Into the Pond and Brook: The Nature of Fresh WaterOpening the Circle: Teaching Science, Environmental
Awareness and Stewardship Through Cultural Stories and
Earth Activities
Keepers of the Earth:
Completing the Circles of Life

Native American
Thanksgivings: The Circle of Giving and Receiving

The Loon's Necklace: From
Myths to Conservation
Rainbow Bridges: Exploring Diversity Through Story, Song and Experience
Earth Gardens and the Seeds of Life

Italian Tales of Wisdom

Nature in Native American
Weaving Tales: An Introduction to the Art of Storytelling
Keepers of the Animals:
Healing All Our Relations

Keepers of the Night: Moths and Monsters, Bats and Bones

Hoops, Tops and Rabbit Sticks: Native American GamesTeaching About Native
Americans: inspiration, Issues and Resources
Touching the Sky Dome: Sun, Moon, Stars and Rain

Flying Turtles and Talking
Bears: Animal Adventure

Mini Beasts of the Stream

Native American Gardening

The Children Who Plant Trees

Life is a Story: Exploring
Personal, Family and Cultural Stories
Tales of the Deep: Legends
of the Living Waters
Native American Herbal

Ring Around Polaris: the Circumpolar Constellations

Through the Looking Glass: Bringing Native American
Museum Exhibits to Life with Story, Song and Dance

Daily Schedule: Michael will present up to four programs/performances in a day

One sample detailed program description

from around the world

This performance use traditional stories from cultures found throughout the world (Native American, Scottish, Italian, African, Mexican and others), as well as songs, chants, native instruments and dance to share important lessons for wise Earth stewardship. During this presentation participants are introduced to, and actively involved in, the great circles of life - the basis for a balanced, sustainable existence with Earth. Michael draws from stories found in his recent book, Earth Tales from Around the World and he presents original Earth music from his debut album All One Earth: Songs for the Generations.

Fees: Rates vary according to the program or performance, audience size, distance and duration of the trip. Individual school programs range from $250-$400 plus travel. Day rates range from$500 to $1,000 plus expenses. Keynotes start at $600. Discounts are available for block booking.

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