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Laurence Pringle

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Laurence Pringle



Laurence Pringle is one of America's most honored and popular authors of nonfiction books for children. He has won several national awards for the excellence and kid-appeal of his books. His 115th title, Owls! Strange and Wonderful, was published in 2016.

His roots, deep in the country and in nature, can be traced to life as a kid on an isolated farm in western New York. Some details are revealed in his 84th book, One Room School, a memoir of the school he first attended, and in his autobiography Nature! Wild and Wonderful, a "Meet the Author" book. He studied wildlife biology at Cornell University and the University of Massachusetts, then was a teacher and a magazine editor before becoming a full time freelance writer. He now lives in West Nyack, New York.

Laurence (aka Larry) has written about such high-interest subjects as dinosaurs, bats, penguins and the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Fascinating animals are featured in his popular "Strange and Wonderful" series. And a new narrative nonfiction "Secret Life" series, aimed at younger readers, started with The Secret Life of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar. Future titles include The Secret Life of the Red Fox, and The Secret Life of the Little Brown Bat.  Educators praise his books as model mentor texts that help students improve their writing skills.

Many of Pringle's titles appeal to the older elementary and junior high grades. His books for grades K-2, both fiction and nonfiction, enable him to give school programs for young children as well. Educators call his programs "warm, funny and wise," and report that his programs leave them with a bounty of teachable ideas. Larry shows and tells how a writer develops an idea into a published book (good research, great beginnings, vital revision), and how his books are a result of work by a team of author, editor, expert and artist.

For more details about his school author visits, visit his web site: Part of the fun there is reading "the story behind the book" about some of his titles. And look for "A Funny Thing Happened"—brief items that tell of humorous encounters in schools or in the writing/researching process.


Awards and Honors

2005 The AAAS/Subaru Science Books and Films Prize for Excellence in Science Books–a lifetime achievement award from The American Association for the Advancement of Science for "his lasting contribution to science literature."

1999 Washington Post/Children's Book Guild of Washington Nonfiction Award for work that has contributed "significantly to the quality of nonfiction for children."

1998 The Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children, for AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE: THE STORY OF A MONARCH BUTTERFLY (illustrated by Bob Marstall)

1996 Honor Book, Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for children, for DOLPHIN MAN: EXPLORING THE WORLD OF DOLPHINS.

1983 Eva Gordon Award from the American Nature Study Society, "for many contributions to the literature of natural history (that) have helped others to discover, enjoy and understand the world of nature.”

1977 Special Conservation Award from the National Wildlife Federation, "for numerous outstanding environmental books aimed at children and young adults."

1973—Present:    Since the 1973 inception of this honored list, many of Laurence Pringle's titles have been selected as Outstanding Science Trade Books for children by the National Science Teachers Association and the Children's Book Council.


School Presentations

All of Laurence Pringle’s varied programs aim to nurture writing skills and excite student interest in science, biography and other nonfiction literature. His programs include ideas and examples about research and the writing process, as well as how a team of writer, editor, expert and artist can produce extraordinary books. Children of all ages appreciate Laurence Pringle’s wit and enthusiasm about pursuing his curiosity. Teachers appreciate the wealth of teachable ideas in his programs, which reinforce state education standards in reading and writing (especially of informational literature).

Larry happily gives up to 6 programs a day, since working with smaller groups enables him to tailor the content to different grade levels, and also allows more students to participate. Whether about a half hour for K-1, or at least 45 minutes for older students, some time is allowed for questions and answers.

Plenty of references are available upon request. Here are a few comments from educators:

“Your talent for altering your presentations to speak to the different age groups, and your wonderful interaction with students during the luncheons, was perfect.” — New Providence, NJ

“The teachers have made many positive comments about how you exposed the kids to the revision process, and your candidness in answering their questions.” —Seneca Falls, NY

“You inspired one of my struggling readers to write two books!” — Dumont, NJ

“The best author visit our school has ever had!” — Tacoma, WA

The professional fee is $1,050 for up to 6 programs. In many cases, no charge for travel or lodging. Discounts available, especially when multiple school visits are scheduled in the same area.


Published Books










Owls: Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 7-9 Hardcover: 32 pages, Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (March 8, 2016) ISBN-10: 1620916517 ISBN-13: 978-1620916513

From the tiny elf owl that weighs less than two ounces to the Eurasian eagle owl that can have a wing span of over five feet, author Laurence Pringle’s OWLS! Strange and Wonderful provides clear, informative text that describes owls from beaks to talons, including their habitats, diet, mating habits, vision, physiology, digestion and parenting. Accompanied by Meryl Henderson’s beautiful and illuminating paintings, this book hits the mark for young animal lovers. Includes a glossary, index, and further resources.

Editorial Reviews

"Pringle and Henderson successfully pair up again for the newest installment in this series…. the author thoroughly covers the basics of these nocturnal birds, shedding light on habitat, life cycle, and biology…. Back matter will lead young researchers to learn more, and the glossary is especially informative. A great purchase for report writers, budding ornithologists and generally curious readers." —School Library Journal

"In this information-rich addition to the Strange and Wonderful series, Pringle highlights several owl species in a variety of habitats. Working in muted watercolor and pencil, Henderson shows owls flying, hunting for food… the pages (are) divided into accessible blocks, allowing Pringle to explore everything from the lore surrounding owls (from Mayan beliefs to Harry Potter) to the ins and outs of their anatomy, their predatory habits and the threats they face." —Publisher's Weekly

"Through a series of photographic watercolors and pithy paragraphs, Pringle and Henderson illumine the history of the owl, its many forms and its varied habitats. The text helpfully breaks down a discussion of species into a handful of fun facts. Complete with a glossary of terms, index, and suggested-reading list, this book—true to its swooping subject matter—is swift, exacting and sure to hook any reader." —Booklist












Octopuses: Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 7-9 Hardcover: 32 pages, Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (April 7, 2015) ISBN-10: 1590789288 ISBN-13: 978-1590789285

Did you know that octopuses can eject ink in a ghostly octopus shape to fool chasing predators? Or that they can tear off a still wiggling arm while jetting away to safety? Or that their skin can change color for camouflage, even though their eyes cannot detect color? Octopuses are the subject of the latest installment of the popular Strange and Wonderful series. Covering the entire life cycle of these mysterious ocean dwellers, along with their anatomical details and behavioral quirks, author Laurence Pringle’s investigation of octopuses is both comprehensive and accessible. Includes glossary and further resources.

Editorial Reviews

"Pringle compresses a surprising amount of factual material into this informational picture book. His writing style flows well, with details smoothly woven into a cohesive read. . . . Henderson's charming watercolor artwork effectively reinforces the material within the text. . . A worthy introduction.” —School Library Journal

"A veteran science writer introduces the most intelligent invertebrate of all, the octopus, master of camouflage. . . The author covers the basics of size and shape, habitat, feeding, relations with humans, survival mechanisms and reproduction in a smooth narrative that flows from page to page, carrying readers along. Like most titles in the Strange and Wonderful series, this inviting introduction is graced with Henderson's detailed and accurate watercolor illustrations. . . A glossary, index and suggestions for further reading and Web research conclude this stellar example of nonfiction for middle-grade readers. Pringle inks another winner in a long series of engaging, informative invitations to explore the natural world.” —Kirkus Reviews, starred review












The Secret Life of the Woolly Bear Caterpillar

Laurence Pringle (Author), Joan Paley (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 5-7 Hardcover: 32 pages, Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (April 1, 2014) ISBN-10: 1620910004 ISBN-13: 978-1620910009

Kids often spot woolly bear caterpillars creeping across the ground in fall, but these furry-looking creatures seem to disappear as quickly as they pop up. Where do they come from in autumn, and where do they go? In fact, they live throughout North America all year long. In vivid storytelling style, Laurence Pringle uncovers the secret life of the woolly bear caterpillar, following one caterpillar as she feasts, tiny and hidden, in the tall summer grass; molts and grows; then sets off on the fall journey where she’s most likely to be seen. Packed with surprising details (did you know that woolly bears can survive freezing temperatures by producing a natural antifreeze?), this book will appeal to every child who’s been lucky enough to spy one of these beloved caterpillars—and to anyone who’d like to.

Editorial Reviews

"The author of more than 100 children's books looks closely at a familiar creature. Naming but not otherwise anthropomorphizing this stealthy survivor, Pringle follows Bella the woollly bear through a 'jungle of grasses, clovers, and wild flowers' . . . Paley's colorful cut-paper and mixed-media illustrations show off Bella and her neighbors nicely . . . Straightforward and informative." —Kirkus Reviews

"Pringle (Scorpions!, 2013) informatively narrates the life of a banded woolly caterpillar called Bella, so named for its species, the Isabella tiger moth. . . Each page presents plenty of material for discussion, and an afterword offers more information on banded woolly caterpillars and a glossary of terms used in the text . . . " —Booklist

"In this picture-book equivalent of watching a nature documentary, Bella, a woolly bear caterpillar eats, molts and eats again in a months-long journey through forests, gardens and lawns. . . Colorful cut-paper drawings bring Bella and her world to life, emphasizing the texture of her fuzzy-looking black-and-orange body and gloriously displaying the wingspan of the tiger moth she becomes. Further information and a diagram of a woolly bear caterpillar are included in the back matter, all the better to satisfy insect-loving readers." —School Library Journal











Scorpions: Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 8-10 Hardcover: 32 pages, Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (October 1, 2013) ISBN-10: 1590784731 ISBN-13: 978-1590784730

Everyone knows that scorpions are evil and deadly . . . right? But do they really deserve their bad reputation? In fact, scorpions come in a mind-boggling variety. There are at least two thousand species, but only a few dozen of these are deadly to humans. With clear, informative text and detailed, dramatic illustrations, this latest book in the popular Strange and Wonderful series explores the life cycle, habitat, and history of one of nature’s most misunderstood and fascinating creatures.

Editorial Reviews

"Veteran science writer Pringle delivers another stinging success with this fascinating look at the similarities and differences among the many varied species of these much feared but mostly misunderstood arachnids. . . The informative and engaging text is complemented by Henderson's detailed, realistic watercolors, which reveal the great diversity among the many species of scorpions. Budding arachnologists will find this an enlightening introduction."            —Kirkus Reviews

"Pringle's careful research and Henderson's painterly eye are clearly in evidence as they explore the world of scorpions . . . Libraries should make room for this handsome, informative work."         —School Library Journal

ICE!: The Amazing History of the Ice Business

Laurence Pringle (Author) Reading level: Ages 8 and up Hardcover 80 pages Publisher: Calkins Creek (October 1, 2012) ISBN-10: 159078801X ISBN-13: 978-1590788011

In the early 1800s, people began to harvest ice, store it in ways that limited melting and transport it to homes and businesses. Eventually, almost everyone had an icebox, and a huge, vital ice business grew. In this riveting book, acclaimed writer Laurence Pringle describes the key inventions and ideas that helped the ice business flourish. He points to the many sources of ice throughout the East and Midwest and spotlights Rockland Lake, “the icebox of New York City,” to offer a close-up look at the ice business in action. Pringle worked closely with experts and relied on primary documents, including archival photographs, postcards, prints and drawings in order to capture the times when everyone waited for the ice man and his wagon to deliver those precious blocks of ice.

Editorial Reviews

“This book works on many levels: as an overview of an industry replaced by modern technology; of the culture and artifacts surrounding a ubiquitous product; and as a glimpse into our not-so-distant past. An easy-to-read chart (ice sources), catalog pages (ice tools) and captioned photos and reproductions of cartoons and advertisements suggest a variety of extension activities. The resource list includes two short films (dated 1898 and 1902, available on YouTube); view them with your students as you booktalk this informative title.” —School Library Journal, Daryl Grabarek (© Copyright 2011. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc.)

“Nonfiction written for kids has made such fantastic leaps in the past ten years, and this new interesting and informative addition is thoroughly enjoyable and readers will find it engaging.” —Children's Literature, Jean Boreen

“A coolly fascinating, nostalgic glimpse into life as it was over a century ago. Pringle's writing is as clear and sharp as well-hewn blocks of ice and the book is a visually refreshing treat: Modern readers are brought directly into a past they may hardly have imagined by marvelous contemporary advertisements; black-and-white and color photos and engravings featuring tools, customers and workers in action; colorful, entertaining, informative sidebars and more. Youngsters may not believe that a commodity they take so for granted in their drinking glasses is the stuff of such fast-paced, absorbing historical reading. Very well-documented, even including links to some short Edison films. Readers will regard their refrigerators and freezers in a whole new, respectful light.” (websites, list of films, source notes, bibliography, index) (Nonfiction. 9-12) —Kirkus Reviews

Frogs! Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 7 and up Paperback: 32 pages, Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (April 1, 2012) ISBN-10: 1590783719 ISBN-13: 978-1590783719

Are kids going to love this book? Is a frog waterproof? The latest title in the popular Strange and Wonderful series delivers the awe-inspiring variety of the world’s hoppiest amphibians. The goliath frog is more than a foot long. The tiny gold frog could sit on a dime. Some frogs have camouflage. Others wear bold colors warning their enemies that they are poisonous. Some frogs leap, others hop, one is a runner and a few glide from tree to tree with their big, webbed hands and feet! Laurence Pringle’s knack for choosing and presenting surprising facts and Meryl Henderson’s gift for beautiful, realistic nature illustrations come together once again in a celebration of one of nature’s most fascinating marvels.

Editorial Reviews

“Science writer Pringle truly delivers with his latest, a fascinating look at the similarities and differences among the many and varied species of frogs. Think that all frogs jump on the ground, are green and leave their eggs/tadpoles to fend for themselves? Well, this text will set readers straight. The Reinwardt’s flying frog glides between trees, the mantella and poison frogs come in all the colors of the rainbow and one can guess what makes the marsupial frog stand out. Nothing if not thorough, this covers just about everything one would want to know about frogs. Camouflage, mating, development, coloring, size, locomotion, how and what they eat and how and why they make sounds are just some of the topics. The last few pages deal with humans and the ways they affect frog populations and habitats. While Pringle presents large paragraphs of information on each page, he perfectly measures out each fact, balancing it with some interesting tidbit sure to fascinate and help kids remember the details that are presented. Henderson’s detailed, realistic watercolors match the text, showing the great diversity among the many species of frogs. Insets accompany much of her full-spread artwork, allowing her to depict the many variations that exist.” —Kirkus Reviews

"....A must-have addition to science collections." —Booklist

Billions of Years, Amazing Changes: The Story of Evolution

Laurence Pringle (Author), Steve Jenkins (Illustrator), Hardcover 112 pages Reading level: 8-18 years Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (October 1, 2011) ISBN-10: 1590787234 ISBN-13: 978-1590787236

Editorial Reviews

“Pringle's exemplary title offers a carefully researched and clearly written history of the evolutionary process and real-time examples of evolutionary events. ‘Evolution is, simply, change over time.’ From floating continents and isolated islands to the formation of fossils, natural selection and the deductions of Charles Darwin, the lucid text offers a clear understanding of an ongoing natural phenomenon and the light that recent discoveries have brought to bear on it. Clear, color photos complement the text, as does Jenkins's nifty artwork. Pale blue information boxes pop up on occasion, as do a couple of maps. Simpler, and far more lively than Thom Holmes's dry Evolution (Chelsea House, 2011), more difficult than Steve Jenkins's own elegant Life on Earth: The Story of Evolution (Houghton Harcourt, 2002), and more solid than Robert Winston's somewhat fragmentary Evolution Revolution (DK, 2009), Pringle's intelligent and eye-catching book is an engaging, readable lodestone for researchers.” *STARRED REVIEW* — School Library Journal, Patricia Manning, formerly at Eastchester Public Library, NY.

Cicadas! Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (September 2010) ISBN-10: 1590786734 ISBN-13: 978-1590786734

Editorial Reviews

“This attractive, solid book provides excellent information about the cicada broods that emerge periodically throughout the Midwest and Northwest United States. Using picture book format with nicely detailed watercolor illustration, the well-written text distinguishes between these cicadas, annual cicadas and locusts, recounts the history, describes the species found around the world and provides interesting related information about the life and lore of these bugs. The mechanism of their distinctive and loud buzzing, their body parts and their unique life cycles are thoroughly described and clearly illustrated with diagrams, flow charts, maps and colorful graphics. Sources for additional information about cicadas can be found at the end of the book. Even though the format is aimed toward younger readers, the depth of information would make it an appropriate source for older readers in search of research material. The beautiful illustrations would also make this book feasible as an informative read-aloud. Collections located in cicada brood locations during emergent years would see heavy use of this book, plus it would serve as an interesting and attractive volume for the curious.” — Library Media Connection, recommended by Anna Hartle, English Teacher/Librarian, Cincinnati (Ohio) Country Day School.

 “The latest entry in the excellent Strange and Wonderful series provides an attractive introduction to cicadas, which typically spend 1, 13, or 17 years below ground before emerging for only a few weeks, to fly, sing, mate, lay their eggs and die. From the apt Latin meaning of cicada (buzzer) to the Pilgrims’ reaction to the insects, the discussion ranges widely, but the spotlight remains on these amazing creatures. Clearly differentiating them from locusts, Pringle describes cicadas’ physical features, behaviors, life cycle and loss of habitat. Though giving some attention to cicadas worldwide, the book focuses mainly on North American species. One intriguing section offers a map and information on periodical cicadas’ 13-year or 17-year cycles as well as a chart showing the years of emergence of individual broods and the states in which they live. Illustrating the book, Henderson’s watercolor paintings are precisely delineated, informative and sometimes lovely as well. An author’s note and comments on sources conclude this clearly written, informative introduction.”  —From Booklist, Carolyn Phelan

“This title examines one of the most remarkable life cycles in nature. A succinct text, set against the background of vivid watercolor paintings of the insects in natural settings, describes their physical characteristics; the distinctive characteristics of several world species; the basic cicada life cycle; and the remarkably prolonged one of periodical species. These insects remain underground as nymphs for 13 or 17 years before emerging en masse to metamorphose into adults. The text emphasizes that the thousands of large, red-eyed insects that appear regularly in parts of the U.S. (mostly in the East) are harmless and belong to a different order from locusts, with which they are often confused (an anecdote relates how Pilgrims were alarmed at encountering cicadas in 1634). Also described are annual cicadas; how males generate their loud, buzzing mating call; cicadas’ place in world folklore; threats to their survival, etc. The realistic paintings extend the text; smaller, boxed illustrations, overlaid on spreads, offer close-ups of anatomical features, developmental stages and so on. Maps indicate geographical range, while a chart lists the years of the insects’ emergence in various states. An author’s note outlines Pringle’s personal observations of cicadas and his recent efforts to establish some in a forest near his home. This smoothly written, beautifully illustrated title will fill a gap in most collections.” —School Library Journal, Karey Wehner, formerly at San Francisco Public Library

Alligators and Crocodiles! Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (February 2009) ISBN-10: 1590782569 ISBN-13: 978-1590782569

From baby alligators that call to their mothers from inside their eggs to grown alligators and crocodiles that bellow and roar, Laurence Pringle takes readers into the world of Earth’s largest living reptiles. With bold, realistic illustrations by Meryl Henderson, here is a lively look at one of nature’s ancient and mysterious creatures

Editorial Reviews

"An amazing nonfiction children's book packed cover to cover with information about alligators and crocodiles–ancient reptiles that once preyed upon, and have now outlived the dinosaurs... Realistic color illustrations add the perfect touch to this excellent gift book for young adult reptile lovers. Highly recommended for public library young adult nonfiction shelves as well." —School Midwest Book Review

“Pringle adds to his series of Strange and Wonderful animal introductions this survey of our planet’s largest living reptiles. ...These illustrations are drawn and colored in such clear, precise detail that young students may prefer them to the photographs in otherwise similar titles.” Grades 2-4.  —Booklist, John Peters

Imagine a Dragon

Laurence Pringle (Author), Eujin Kim Neilan (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Library Binding 30 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (March 1, 2008) ISBN-10: 1563973286 ISBN-13: 978-1563973284

Imagine a scaly creature over a hundred feet long that spews fire from its mouth and beats its wings to fly. Or imagine another creature with the head of a camel, horns like a deer and paws like a tiger. Dragon lore is found in cultures throughout the world, and different cultures imagine dragons differently. An English dragon might terrorize the countryside, while a Chinese dragon might cause a drought, a flood or even a hurricane! In this stunning book, richly illustrated by Eukin Kim Neilan, Laurence Pringle explains how people came to believe in dragons and offers young readers a lively look at dragons from cultures around the world.

Editorial Reviews

"The book is interesting with lots of materials without being overwhelming. It provides a good introduction to dragon myths in world literature. The pictures, done in acrylic, are strong and powerful. Most are a full page with rich colors and bold action. The book will be a great addition to any collection whose users are into the current dragon stories. Recommended." — Library Media Connection, April/May 2008

Penguins! Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (March 2007) ISBN: 1590780906

In 1520, while sailing near the coast of South America, Portuguese explorers saw strange black-and-white birds that could dive, swim and leap out of the water. One thing they couldn't do, however, was fly. Today we know these flightless birds as penguins. There are seventeen species of penguins. They come in all sizes, from the little blue penguin that stands about sixteen inches high to the emperor penguin that stands almost four feet tall. Some penguins are named for how they look, such as the black-footed penguin, while others are named for where they live, such as the Galapagos penguin. In this fascinating and informative book, Laurence Pringle and Meryl Henderson introduce young readers to the life and behavior of one of nature's most remarkable birds.

Editorial Reviews

"Pringles succinct text provides an engaging overview of penguin life…and is filled with enough interesting factoids that even penguin fans will find out something new."

"Enthusiastic and wonderfully informative, this will grab readers and listeners alike." —Booklist

"[A] refreshing, detailed account of penguin species…Pringle's straightforward writing packs in an impressive amount of scientifically rich information. …The clear text assists readers in noticing the details in Henderson's illustrations." —Kirkus Reviews

"This attractive picture book will satisfy report writers and browsers alike. Pringle describes how the ‘strange geese’ were first sighted by Portuguese explorers off the coast of South America in 1520 and concludes with current concerns about global warming and pollution. In between is a wealth of information, from pooping to parenting, presented in an engaging, accessible narrative." —School Library Journal

American Slave, American Hero: York of the Lewis And Clark Expedition

Laurence Pringle (Author), Cornelius Van Wright (Illustrator), Ying-Hwa Hu (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 Hardcover 40 pages Publisher: Calkins Creek Books (October 2006) ISBN: 1590782828

The little-known life of York, the Africa American slave owed by William Clark, and his contributions to the success of the Lewis and Clark expedition, are examined in this carefully crafted book. Award-winning author Laurence Pringle gives an accurate account of York's life–before, during and after the expedition. Using quotations from the expedition's journals, he tells how York's skills, strength and intelligence helped in the day-to-day challenges of the journey. Artists Cornelius Van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu consulted with a Lewis and Clark expert to create thoroughly researched and stunning watercolor paintings of York's life.

Editorial Reviews

“Pringle pieces together much of York's story using journals from Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery expedition and other sources. …Large, expressive watercolor illustrations portray York as a vibrant young man and reflect the remarkable landscapes and grueling work of exploration. Pringle tells the story well, describing York's contributions to this specific expedition while setting a much broader context.“ —School Library Journal, Pat Leach, Lincoln City Libraries, NE

 “With a detailed text and handsome watercolor paintings, this illustrated biography celebrates the heroic role of Clark's personal slave on the famous expedition out west in 1804, with the horror of slavery in the background. Pringle is meticulous about what is documented and what is ‘probably" true: ‘No one knows exactly when he was born or his mother's name,’ he notes. Nor is there a record of the slave York married. Words and stirring pictures focus on the role of the powerful black man on the thrilling journey, including his association with several of the Indian peoples; he was hailed as a national hero. Perhaps 10 years later, Clark gave York his freedom. The personal oppression is a quiet part of this daring frontier adventure, which is also a slice of history. Pair this with Rhoda Blumberg's York's Adventures with Lewis and Clark (2004).” —Booklist Hazel, Rochman (Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved.)

Snakes! Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover 31 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (September 1, 2004) ISBN: 1590780035

Editorial Reviews

“From the opening series of questions (‘Can you climb a tree without using arms or legs? Snakes can.’) to the final page on ‘Snakes and People’ throughout history, this fascinating book offers an excellent introduction to the subject. Well researched and vividly written, the text surveys the wide variety of snakes in the world and explains the unusual behaviors that characterize various types. Even children who think they know all about snakes will probably learn something new here: constrictors cause death by pressure on their victims' hearts; venomous snakes can bite without releasing their poisons. Sometimes showing dramatic scenes, sometimes presenting seldom-seen details, Henderson's excellent watercolor paintings mirror the text to illustrate both physical characteristics and behavior. With this handsome addition to the series that began with Dinosaurs! Strange and Wonderful (1995), even readers fearful of snakes may find the subject a little less strange, a little more wonderful.” *STARRED REVIEW* —Booklist, Carolyn Phelan (Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved.)

Whales! Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (1st edition April 2003) ISBN:1563974398

Editorial Reviews

“From a take-notice beginning (‘If you were a great whale, you could open your mouth wide enough to hold an elephant.’) to a thoughtful treatment of whale conservation at the end, Pringle (Crows, 2002, etc.) does a bang-up job on his 100th outing. Here he covers all aspects of the giants, from physiology to diet to migration, and all types, from narwhals with their spiral tusks (really a left tooth) to blue whales that grow to be 100 feet long (and eat four tons of food a day). Pringle' s smooth prose explains not only the what, but the why of whales-they can grow so big: for example, because the water they live in supports their weight. Henderson's annotated watercolors dramatize and enliven the text, as well as provide a useful sense of scale. A rare nonfiction picture book that works beautifully as a read-aloud, as a whole, it's as wonderful as the whales.” —Kirkus Reviews

“This companion volume to Bats! (2000) and Sharks! (2001, both Boyd's Mills) combines a lucid, informative text with strong, realistic illustrations. The popularity of the topic will ensure readers' interest (as will the eye-catching artwork), while the carefully composed narrative will introduce the complexities of a variety of whales. Physical characteristics, communication, feeding methods, range, size and some behaviors are given space, as are a brief history of whaling and a plea for whale conservation. Addresses for further research are included. Marred by a couple of labeling errors, this book is still ideal for those who want more than what is offered in Gail Gibbons' sea-colored Whales (Holiday, 1991), but are not quite ready for Seymour Simon's handsome Whales (Harper Trophy, 1992) or the demanding richness of Helen Roney Sattler's Whales, the Nomads of the Sea (Lothrop, 1987). Whales! is attractive, inviting and informational.” — School Library Journal, Patricia Manning, formerly at Eastchester Public Library, NY (Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information Inc.)

“Similar in format and approach to Bats! Strange and Wonderful (2000) and Sharks! Strange and Wonderful (2001), which were also illustrated by Henderson, this volume introduces the varieties, physical features and behaviors of whales. With just a couple of paragraphs on a typical spread, Pringle's succinct text provides a surprising amount of information in an interesting manner. The clearly delineated and often beautiful illustrations, apparently paintings, help readers visualize the animals and their activities. The book ends with a brief history of whaling and a note on whale conservation that includes organizations to contact for more information. Pringle's 100th book, this offers a solid introduction to whales.” —Booklist, Carolyn Phelan (Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved.)

Bear Hug

Laurence Pringle (Author), Kate Salley Palmer (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Paperback 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (1st edition March 2003)

Editorial Reviews

“The fun-loving family introduced in Pringle's spirited Octopus Hug (Boyd's Mills, 1996) is back. Here, Dad takes Jesse and Becky camping. Jesse, the narrator, and his sister wonder whether they will see any bears at Black Bear Lake. The three campers spend the day exploring and admiring the changing scenery and wonderful creatures that live around the sparkling lake. Come evening, they feast on hot dogs and toasted marshmallows by the campfire, and then sit by the shore, watching and listening to their nocturnal neighbors. In the morning, after carefully cleaning up the campsite, Jesse and Becky lament the fact that they didn't see a bear. With a playful roar, Dad reveals that there is one bear at Black Bear Lake after all, and swoops his children into his arms for a warm, loving bear hug. Reminiscent of Robert McCloskey's Time of Wonder (Puffin, 1989) in its celebration of nature, Bear Hug is an atmospheric story that portrays the excitement of a family outing. Palmer's harmonious watercolors perfectly illustrate the changing faces of Black Bear Lake and the changing emotions on the faces of Jesse, Becky and their father. This appealing selection might be paired with Ashley Wolff's Stella & Roy Go Camping (Dutton, 1999).” —School Library Journal, Linda L. Walkins, Mount Saint Joseph Academy, Brighton, MA (Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.)

Come to the Ocean's Edge: A Natural Cycle Book

Laurence Pringle (Author), Michael Chesworth (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 School & Library edition 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (October 2003) ISBN: 1563977796

Editorial Reviews

“A poetic text and beautifully composed watercolor paintings describe coastal creatures and their habitat. Beginning at dawn, when a ‘fog's wet breath hides the seashore’ and gulls take flight, ‘their shadowy forms like ghosts in the mist,’ Pringle takes readers through a 24-hour period. As the day brightens, sanderlings investigate the beach, a mole crab rides a wave to shore and digs into the sand and people arrive to relax and explore. Afternoon brings low tide, exposing tidal pools as well as shells and other objects scattered along the beach. At night, the wind rises and waves pound the shore. However, all is peaceful beneath the surf, where kelp sways with the currents and lobsters and bluefish search for food. Morning begins the cycle again. Filled with descriptive language, the text progresses smoothly through the day, providing just enough information to interest readers but never getting bogged down with too much detail. Additional facts about the animals mentioned and their environment are provided on the last page. The spreads alternate between dramatic seaside vistas and close-ups of different creatures. While providing a realistic view of this environment, the artwork also echoes the expressive tone of the narrative, depicting the seashore as ‘the edge of something vast, wild and mysterious.’ A wonderful choice to share with children before a summer vacation or to use as an introduction to an ecology unit.” —School Library Journal, Joy Fleishhacker (Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.)

Dog of Discovery: A Newfoundland's Adventures With Lewis and Clark

Laurence Pringle(Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 School & Library Binding 96 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (January 2004) ISBN1590780280 order.gif

Editorial Reviews

“This is a richly detailed and historically accurate account of the expedition, told as dated entries, with clarity and descriptive language. Pringle closely follows and highlights the adventures of Seaman as they appeared in the journals of Lewis and Clark, and the loyalty and devotion he exhibited as he risked his life many times. Selections from their journals appear throughout the story, and Pringle also offers evidence, first discovered in 2000, about what happened to the animal after the expedition came to an end. Intriguing sidebars, maps, historical illustrations and original art make this a treasure trove of information about the expedition, and the dog that was its most unusual participant.” — School Library Journal, Janet Gillen, Great Neck Public Library, NY (Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.)

Crows! Strange and Wonderful

Laurence P. Pringle (Author), Bob Marstall (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 School & Library Binding 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (June 2010) ISBN: 1563978997  ISBN-13: 978-1590787243

Editorial Reviews

“A fascinating look at aspects of this clever bird's social behavior-mobbing, food gathering and family cooperation. The text is vividly written and easy to understand, and the detailed color illustrations are striking. The picture-book format provides views that will be familiar to everyone who has ever observed these creatures, from pecking at trash in a park to soaring over a winter landscape. This excellent overview captures the crow's quirky playfulness as well as day-to-day actions. For more in-depth coverage for older readers, Pringle's Listen to the Crows (HarperCollins, 1976) is hard to beat.” —School Library Journal, Cynthia M. Sturgis, Ledding Library, Milwaukie, OR (Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information, Inc.)

A Dragon in the Sky : The Story of a Green Darner Dragonfly

Laurence P. Pringle (Author), Bob Marstall (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 Publisher: Orchard Books Hardcover 64 pages (May 2001) ISBN: 0531303152

Editorial Reviews

“Like An Extraordinary Life: The Story of a Monarch Butterfly (Orchard, 1997), this book is carefully researched and extraordinarily detailed in text and art. Readers follow one particular green darner, Anax, from his birth in a swamp in New York to mating and death in a Florida pond. Specific incidents in his life are augmented with more general information about dragonflies and damselflies. Sidebars give facts about other creatures that share his habitats. Information on raising dragonfly nymphs for study is appended, and several Web sites are suggested. In Marstall's watercolor-and-oil paintings, soft greens and browns predominate. This is an exemplary nature-study book-accurate, explicit, and satisfyingly complete.” —School Library Journal, Ellen Heath, Orchard School, Ridgewood, NJ (Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.)

“Pringle tells a richly detailed story of one green darner dragonfly, Anax, and his journey from hatching in a New York state swamp to mating and dying in a Florida pond. Rarely do books of this nature delve so deeply into one species and its life cycle, migration, habitats and interactions with other animals and plants. The narrative is packed with factual information yet is not tiresome to read. Indeed, the depth of the explanations may further stimulate readers' interest in dragonflies and other winged insects. Marstell's delicate watercolor and oil illustrations in predominately light browns and greens provide intricate detail and close-up views of the stages of dragonfly anatomical development. Throughout the book, interesting tidbits about dragonflies, the researchers who study them and related scientific facts can be found in the margins. Directions for catching and caring for dragonfly nymphs at the end of the book encourage observation of several of the molting stages. Suggested resources for further reading are plentiful, though readers should be aware that many of the sources listed (and all of the websites) are for an older audience than that of the book.” — Horn Book (Copyright 2001, The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.)

Scholastic Encyclopedia of Animals

Laurence P. Pringle (Author), Norbert Wu (Photographer) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover 128 pages Scholastic Reference (July 2001) ISBN: 0590522531

The SCHOLASTIC ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ANIMALS highlights a splendid variety of 140 animals, from alligators to zebras, and many in between! Most of the animals featured are common to kids experience, whether found in their neighborhoods or at the zoo. With spectacular photographs of each animal and a discussion of physical characteristics, behaviors and habitats, this is a fascinating and useful reference for any child interested in the animal kingdom.

Sharks! Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 School & Library Binding 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (January 2001) Harcover ISBN: 1563978636 Paperback ISBN: 1590785711

Global Warming: The Threat of Earth's Changing Climate

Laurence Pringle (Author) Reading level: Ages 9-12 Hardcover 48 pages Seastar Publishing Co. (April 2001) ISBN: 1587170094

It's not your imagination: Earth is getting warmer. Global warming is perhaps the most prominent environmental issue of the past decade. Award-winning writer Laurence Pringle describes the causes of this worldwide trend, exploring its past, present and potential future damage to our climate, ecology and economy. He also offers practical solutions that will help avert a global disaster of our own making. With over thirty striking color photographs, here is an incisive, clear, authoritative look.

Editorial Reviews

“This super work on global warming by a noted science writer is an essential replacement for aging titles on the topic. Following the format of his 1991 edition on the same topic, this one has been completely revised and provides current research and information. The unusually inviting format, vivid writing, striking photographs, extensive glossary, further reading and index make this a first choice on the subject. Pringle states in the introduction: ‘This book tells why the Earth's climate is warming. It describes the alarming effects of climate change that are already occurring and those that scientists forecast for the years ahead. And it tells what people must do in order to prevent a potential worldwide disaster of their own making.’ Then he does just that in 48 pages divided into short, readable chapters. He takes the reader from the last ice age to the Kyoto Protocol, which sets global goals for emissions to be met by 2012. Visually striking, current and informative, this is a must read.” (Nonfiction. 10-14) *STARRED REVIEW* —Kirkus Reviews

Bats! Strange and Wonderful

Laurence Pringle (Author), Meryl Henderson (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 School & Library Binding 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (February 2000) ISBN 10: 1563973278  ISBN 13: 978-1590787816

Editorial Reviews

“A lucid text describes some general physical and behavioral characteristics common to all types of bats. The ways in which these flying mammals benefit world ecosystems (e.g., through insect consumption, seed dispersal, and plant pollination) are emphasized. Vibrant, realistic watercolors of representative species extend the text on every page. Some illustrations are enclosed in boxes and superimposed on larger paintings; in most, body parts extend beyond the frames, giving them a 3-D effect. A particularly effective series of paintings shows a vampire bat's ungainly walk on its hind legs toward a sleeping cow. While this title provides information similar to that in Betsy Maestro's Bats (Scholastic, 1994) and Gail Gibbons' Bats (Holiday, 1999), its simpler text conveys complex concepts in terms that most children understand. With its appealing illustrations in an eye-catching arrangement and clearly written text, Pringle's Bats! is equal to the best introductions on the subject for this age level.” *STARRED REVIEW* —School Library Journal, , Karey Wehner, San Francisco Public Library (June 2000)

“ ‘If you were a bat, you could stay up all night.’ So begins Pringle's child-friendly introduction to bats. Carefully crafted to overcome misconceptions and fears concerning bats, the text also provides basic information about the variety and habits of the flying mammals as well as their importance in the ecosystem. Readers may be surprised by some of the information, such as the fact that if hibernating bats are disturbed several times over the winter, they may die because they use too much energy in their wakened state. The text never descends to a ‘gee-whiz’ tone, and the book is stronger for it. In an afterward, Pringle suggests ways to learn about bats first-hand and tells readers how to contact a bat conservation organization. Meryl Henderson's watercolor paintings illustrate the text with beauty and finesse. The many evening and night scenes set up dramatic contrasts using silhouetted figures. Harmonious colors, softly shaded from deep browns to glowing hues, are often accentuated by black backgrounds. Presented with respect for the subject and for the audience, this is one of the best of the many bat books, especially for a somewhat younger audience.” —Booklist, Carolyn Phelan

One Room School

Laurence P. Pringle (Author), Barbara Garrison (Illustrator), Reading level: Ages 4-8 School & Library Binding 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (March 1998) ISBN: 1563975831

Noted writer Laurence Pringle guides readers through the last year of World War II and the one-room school of his childhood–School 14 in Monroe County, New York. Barbara Garrison's folk-style illustrations, presented as snapshots in an album, help capture the feeling of that time and place.

Editorial Reviews

"Warm, specific memories fill the book and give children a sense of both history and place. Grandparents will especially enjoy using this book as a springboard for talking about their own childhood to their grandchildren."  —Booklist, Susan Dove Lempke, March 1, 1998 (Copyright 1998, American Library Association. All rights reserved.)

Nature! Wild and Wonderful (Meet the Author Book)

Laurence Pringle (Author), Tim Holmstrom (Photographer) Reading level: Ages 6 and up Hardcover 32 pages Richard C. Owen Publishing (May 1997) ISBN: 157274071X

Editorial Reviews

"Each author tells a concise version of his or her life story. As in the other books in the series, the text is heavily illustrated with photographs, and when appropriate, illustrations. The format is accessible, the tone casual, and the information especially well suited to children doing author studies." —Horn Book (Copyright 1998 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.)

An Extraordinary Life : The Story of a Monarch Butterfly

Laurence Pringle (Author), Bob Marstall (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 Hardcover 64 pages Publisher: Orchard Books (March 1997) hardcover  ISBN: 0531300021 paperback ISBN: 0531071693

Follows a young butterfly's life cycle from her birth as a caterpillar in a Massachusetts hayfield through her metamorphosis into a butterfly, culminating in her flight south and return migration in spring.

Winner, 1998 Orbis Pictus Award for Outstanding Nonfiction for Children, from the National Council of Teachers of English.

Editorial Reviews

"Rather than giving the usual survey of the habits, habitat, life cycle and predators of butterflies, Pringle brings immediacy to his subject by focusing sharply on one monarch, whom he names Danaus. …The surprisingly absorbing story of Danaus' life is followed by a discussion of the monarchs' endangered winter refuges in Mexico and an explanation of how to raise monarch butterflies from the caterpillar stage. Throughout the book, Marstall's colorful paintings offer clear, brilliantly colored illustrations of the caterpillars growing, eating, resting, mating, avoiding predators and flying, flying, flying. An excellent book on a popular species." —Booklist, Carolyn Phelan, March 15, 1997 (Copyright 1997, American Library Association. All rights reserved.)

... A superb, well-researched book that finds extraordinary science in the everyday life of a butterfly."  -- Copyright 1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved. –Kirkus Reviews

Everybody Has a Bellybutton: Your Life Before You Were Born

Laurence Pringle (Author), Clare Wood (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 School & Library Binding 32 pages Publisher Boyd's Mills Press (September 1997) ISBN:1563970090

Dolphin Man: Exploring the World of Dolphins

Laurence Pringle, Randall S. Wells (Photographer) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Paperback 48 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (August 2002) ISBN: 1590780043

Taking Care of Earth: Kids in Action

Laurence Pringle (Author), Bobbie Moore (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 7 and up Hardcover 64 pages Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (1st edition January 1996) ISBN: 156397326X


Laurence Pringle (Author),Carol Heyer (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 School & Library Binding 32 pages Publisher: Boyd's Mills Press (February 1995) ISBN: 1878093169

Octopus Hug

Laurence Pringle (Author), Kate Palmer (Illustrator) Reading level: 4-8 years Paperback 32 pages Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (February 1, 1996) ISBN 1563975599


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