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Ibiere Addey

Eitting Munich


Phone: (172) 7190058








Ibiere Addey



Ibiere Addey (known to friends as ‘Ibi’) has a Bachelors degree in Computing and Information Systems from London Guidhall University. She has worked in various industries such as retail, banking, consultancy and is currently based in Germany, with her husband and two children. She has written over 200 poems, various short stories/novellas and published five children’s picture books in 2015. She also took part at the October 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair.

Ibi currently works as a Senior Operation Analyst, reviewing processes and ensuring technical implementation as per business requirement. For Ibi, even her job is just another form of story-telling, bringing to life the customer’s needs and expectations. She’s been in these type of roles for seven or eight years, and while she loves meeting people and being involved in the development process, that burning desire to keep writing takes over once the working day is over. “The funny thing is that writing other stuff has been lingering in my mind all day, but the hustle and bustle of a typically technical operations world keeps it restricted,” she explains.

As an author, Ibi’s main goal is to capture the reader’s mind with witty and intriguing dialogue.



My foundation class enjoyed Bob's Blanket... they could easily relate to it as half the class still had stuffed toys they were finding hard to leave at home when coming to school. — Chioma Dibor

Bible Machines (Car Series) David & Goliath)...was a hit with my boys...they loved it! The illustrations were very nicely done. Some feedback from the boys in terms of lessons learned include: when you boast you end up losing; never judge a book by its cover; the bigger you are, the slower you'll move; and never bully those smaller than you are. — Maureen Uchendu

On Bob's Blanket Gets a Wash: The kids enjoyed the story very much, and us, as adults, felt like we were reading our own thoughts. The story is so real! Therefore I highly recommend it further. —Ion


New to school visits but have done book signings and attended FrankFurt Book Fairs.

Also prepared a practical approach to school visit presentation, as the nature of my current job involves presentations to users in interactive and engaging ways.


















Bible Machines (Car series) David and Goliath

Ibiere and Jonell Addey (Authors), Elidor Kruja (Illustrator) Reading level: 5 to 8 years Hardcover 28 pages Publisher: A Poet's Heart Twist (2015) ISBN: 978394583703-0

Bible Machine is a new way of looking at the bible in a child’s context making it more readable for them in the present generation where children, especially boys, gravitate to fast cars and heavy duty machines.  This is a way of breaking the bible down for a younger mind to grasp.


Published Books


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Bob's Blanket Gets a Wash

Ibiere Addy (Author), Nuria Bertran (Illustrator) Reading level: 1 to 5 years Hardcover 24 pages Publisher: A Poet's Heart Twist (2015) ISBN: 978394583700-9

A cuddle item is a thing of comfort to little ones, and so there is usually the need to take it everywhere! It’s simply a child’s best friend and confidant. Bob’s blanket is a series written for children aged 1 to 5 and their parents. Series one takes both parents and children through the journey of getting the items cleaned.

(Also available in German translation). Book includes a cuddle item for free!















Rosie and the Talking Squirrel

Ibiere Addy (Author), Darwin Marfil (Illustrator) Reading level: 6 to 8 years Hardcover 28 pages Publisher: A Poet's Heart Twist (2015) ISBN: 97894583705-4

Rosie bumps into a charming talking squirrel. Shrinking to his size, she invites herself to his home and to meeting his family. They played a nut biting game. Rosie gets stuck coming out of the nest after eating too many nuts. Quite a miraculous event sets her free, but then, alas, she is still too small to rejoin her family.  Finally she succeeds—it’s joyous at her return and joyous for her adventure.





















Thelma-Polly and the Crocodile

Ibiere and Jonell Addey (Authors), Nuria Bertran (Illustrator) Reading level: 5 to 8 years Hardcover 32 pages Publisher: A Poet's Heart Twist (2015) ISBN: 978394583706-1

Thelma-Polly, a curious and highly imaginative child, is entranced by her aunt's stories of crocodiles in her native country.  She falls asleep and dreams of a saucy crocodile entering the clothing store where she’s shopping. The crocodile is allowed to try a t-shirt before he gets arrested by the policeman.















Wonderland and the Magic Shoes

Ibiere Addey (Authors), Mahmut Emre Altun (Illustrator) Reading level: 6 to 8 years Hardcover 28 pages Publisher: A Poet's Heart Twist (2015) ISBN: ISBN:978394583704-7

Dave out of curiosity boarded a train which took him for an adventure of a lifetime. He finds a pair of mind-reading shoes which place’s him wherever his thoughts took him. He later found out that being a grown up has its toll and wanted to be back home.






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