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Edith Tarbescu is the author of 4 children's books and she hopes to soon launch two new books.. She is a graduate of the State University of New York, with a B.A. in Communications. At Yale Drama School, where she did post graduate work toward an M.F. A, Edith was awarded the Eugene O'Neill Scholarship both years. At Yale she studied playwriting as well as acted in stage productions.

Edith's plays have been performed in various regional theatres around the country and in New York City. She has written 9 scripts for plays or film and contributed items to Connecticut Magazine, The Hartford Current, The Christian Science Monitor, The New York Times, New York Newsday, and The Writer Magazine.

A native New Yorker, Edith was born in Brooklyn, later moved to Connecticut and now lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Published Books

Annushka's Voyage
by Edith Tarbescu, Lydia Dabcovich (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover - 32 pages (September 1998) Clarion Books;  ert039564366X.01.MZZZZZZZ (11419 bytes)

   ISBN: 039564366X   order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Annushka and Tanya represent all young women who passed through Ellis Island when they came to America. Their hopes for a brighter future were shared by millions of people who left all that they knew and loved to make a new life in a strange land. This book is a charming and thoughtful telling of that immigrant experience. Paul Sigrist, Jr., Director, Ellis Island Oral History Project

Chosen by the Children's Book Council as a
"Notable Children's Trade Book in the Field of Social Studies" for 1999

Chosen by the Sydney Taylor Committee as
"One of the Best of The Bunch---Not to Be Misssed."

Editorial Reviews
From Booklist September 1, 1998
Based on the experience of Tarbescu's mother, this picture book is a simple, fictionalized, first-person account of the Jewish immigrant journey from Russia to America. Papa sends steamship tickets from New York City for Anya and her little sister, Tanya. Mama is dead, and Anya must care for her sister on the long journey. When they leave the Russian village, Grandma gives them each a family candlestick; on board the crowded ship, the sisters wave the candlesticks to find each other; when they get to Papa's apartment in the immigrant neighborhood, they light the candles for the Sabbath. Dabcovich's detailed pen-and-ink illustrations with acrylic and colored pencil show the leaving, the long journey over in the hold, the arrival, the terrifying medical inspections on Ellis Island, and the warmth of their reunion with their dad. Add this to all the immigration stories that will get younger readers interested in their own family stories. Hazel Rochman
From Horn Book
Annushka and Tanya await word from their widowed father, who has gone to America, that they can join him. The sisters leave Russia one morning, endure the rigors of the journey and the Ellis Island examinations, and finally fly into their father's arms. The illustrations exude a folksy charm, while the strong, vibrant compositions reveal much detail about the period. -- Copyright 1999 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

Bring Back My Gerbil!, Hello Reader! by Edith Tarbescu, Steve Bjorkman, Illustrator,   Hardcover, Scholastic, Reading level: Ages 4-8, Edition: Paperback,  48 pages, October 2002

ertgerbil2.gif (16769 bytes)

   ISBN: 0439098351  order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Best friends Caitlin and Tyler are surprised when she tries an experiment with his gerbil and apparently turns him into a dog.

Reviewer- Albuquerque Journal: "... This is an entertaining book that has fun with science and how friends can play tricks on each other and still be friends. The book is geared to second and third-graders but first-graders and kindergarteners will also enjoy it."

The Crow (Watts Library) by Edith Tarbescu Reading level: Ages 9-12 School & Library Binding - 64 pages Franklin Watts, Incorporated;ert0531203565.jpg (30676 bytes)  
    Hardback (May 11, 2000)
    ISBN: 0531203565 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
    Paperback (Sept.2000) 
    ISBN: 0531164705
  order.gif (1197 bytes)
94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

As Europeans began their plunder of the Western Plains states, many tribes, including the Crow, found that their way of life and their land were in great danger. This compelling book, which the author wrote after spending months on a Crow reservation in Montana, compiles the tribe's history, culture, and struggle for survival.

Reviewer: A reader from Arizona
Wow, this gave so much information on the Crows, Ms. Tarbescu has a lot of talent! If you're a teacher or if you're simply interested in the Crow heritage then I highly suggest getting this book

The Boy Who Stuck Out His Tongue : A Yiddish Folk Tale by Edith Tarbescu, Judith Christine Mills (Illustrator) Reading level: Baby-Preschool Hardcover - 32 pages (August 2000) Barefoot Books;  ert1841480673.01.MZZZZZZZ (6966 bytes)

  ISBN: 1841480673  order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
Editorial Reviews
From Booklist  
Set in a small Hungarian village, this is a lively Jewish folktale in the tradition of the fools of Chelm. "Promise, Schmomise, I'm too busy," the widow's son says when his mother asks him to light the fire. She chases him, he sticks out his tongue at her, and when he falls in the snow, his tongue sticks to the iron fence. All the villagers, including the shoemaker (who thinks he knows about tongues), the butcher, the baker, and the carpenter, try to free the boy, but it's a traveling blacksmith who finally works out the solution: he starts a fire to warm the iron and set the boy free. ... The fun is in the quarrel, the trap, and the silly bumbling of the villagers. Tarbescu tells it with verve, and Mills' big, colorful acrylic pictures in folk-art style show the slapstick action and the warmth of the schlemiels who mean well. Hazel Rochman Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

School Presentations

Edith Tarbescu has a theatre background, as an actress and playwright, and loves interacting with students.

For "Annushka's Voyage,"  (grades 3-5), Ms. Tarbescu shows enlarged vintage photographs of immigrants traveling in steerage, as well as old photos showing life on the Lower East Side of N.Y. at the turn of the 20th century.

For her book "The Crow," a non-fiction book for 9-12 yr. olds about the Crow Nation of Montana, she shows enlarged photographs she took during the annual Crow Fair (Pow-Wow). She also shows students rawhide as well as tanned hide and talks about life on the reservation today.

She is comfortable speaking to adults as well as children.

A day of presentations is $400.for local schools. Half day is $200.

Depending on distance, the fee goes up, plus travel expenses, if necessary.

Budget negotiations can be discussed.

Edith has given many successful presentations including:

AJL Conference, Scottsdale, AZ Solomon Schechter School, Albuquerque, N.M.
Double Eagle Elem. Sch.-- Albuquerque, N.M. North Star Elem. Sch.-- Albuquerque, N.M.
Miles Ave. Elem. School--Billings, MT Placitas Elem. School--Placitas, N.M.
Double Eagle Elem. School -- Billings, MT Loma Portal Elem. School --San Diego, CA
Washington Elem. Sch.--Prescott, AZ Sacred Heart Elem. Sch--Farmington, N.M.
Amelia Island Book Festival--Amelia Island, FL  So. KY Book Festival - Bowling Green, KY
Los Ranchos Elem. School--Albuquerque, N.M. Corrales Elementary School--Corrales, N.M.
The Brooklyn Museum of Art The San Antonio Jewish Community Center
The Cleveland Jewish Community Center The Cherry Hill, New Jersey JCC
Zia Elementary School, (in Albuquerque) Main Branch of the Albuquerque Public Library
Congregation Albert (Albuquerque) Project Dream, in New Haven, CT
The Madison Library, (Madison, CT) CT Reading Association, Waterbury, CT
Walnut Creek JCC  Eldorado H.S., Albuquerque
Costa Mesa JCC Border Book Festival - Las Cruces, N.M.
Festival of the Book - Santa Fe Portland, OR JCC
Star-Lit Book Festival, Dallas, TX. Solomon Schechter Hebrew School, Dallas, TX.

She also did a book signing, which was taped by C-SPAN for their show Book T.V. The tape is available through C-SPAN.

Edith visited two boarding schools in Belfast, Ireland during April 2003. She would love to do more international school visits.  Her motto is "Have books, will travel."

Comments on Edith's Presentations

Atlantic Elementary students were delighted to share Edith Tarbescu's talents. Ms. Tarbescu's visit during Book Island Festival was educational and entertaining. The kids loved her stories! Judy McAlear, Fernandina Beach, FL

Edie Tarbescu is a delight to work with and she is also a living example of SouthWest Writers Mission: "Using outreach, education and networking, SWW encourages, supports and inspires all people to express themselves creatively through the written word." You are a lucky soul to know and work with Edie Tarbescu. Cheri Eicher, Independent Means (former President of the SW Writers group)

We were so honored to have Edith Tarbescu at the inaugural StarLit Children's Literary Event in Dallas, Texas!! Edith entertained children and adults alike, and her books were a terrific hit in our bookstore!! I found Edith to be as warm and wonderful as her writings! Thank you, Edith, for being a shining star at StarLit! Candace Winslow, Chair Star-Lit Children's Literary Festival

A group of kindergartners were enthralled with her telling and acting out of "The Boy Who Stuck Out His Tongue." Our 1st - 3rd graders heard about "Annushka's Voyage." She brought photos of immigrant ships, Ellis Island and families who lived in New York's lower East Side. The children got a real understanding of what life was like for the immigrants. Susan Dubin, Day School Library Consultant, Valley Beth Shalom Day School,  Encino, California

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