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Dominic Catalano is an artist, writer, musician, and teacher. He was born in Syracuse, New York, and earned a BS in art education at SUNY Buffalo, an M.A. in fine arts at SUNY Oswego,  an M.F.A. at Syracuse University and a Ph.D in Art Education at Ohio State University. His illustrations have appeared in a number of children's magazines and have drawn high acclaim in many books for children.

Much of Dominic's day is divided between his "three joys:" art, music, and teaching. When he does have free time, activities with his family, movies, cooking and spending time with good friends top the agenda.  He lives in Perrysburg, Ohio, near Toledo, with his wife and two sons. Dominic teaches Art Education and Illustration at Bowling Green State University.

Published Books  

Earth is Not Alone (The Emryss Chronicles)

John Knapp II (Author), Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Paperback: 500 pages Publisher: Ephemeron Press (April 1, 2009)
0912290315 ISBN-13: 978-0912290317

Format: Kindle Edition File Size: 1147 KB Publisher: Publish Green (October 11, 2010) Sold by: Amazon Digital Services

After a terrible tragedy, a parent-teacher-student confrontation leads to the discovery of two new worlds. This occurs in the "Susquehanna Territory" in northeastern PA in a future time in the 21st century when EMP has mysteriously destroyed all electrical power--presumably worldwide. To survive, with circumstances much better in a rural area, a "wall" has been built to keep away outsiders as mayhem occurs everywhere. There's a strong suspicion of some encounter with another world. Atheistic honor vies against Christian honor in the P-T-S confrontation, and the role Christian faith plays, and the "missionary" responsibility (if any is appropriate) has to be carefully considered. Curious old stories must be investigated and set alongside the Bible. Several young romances occur, and life-and-death decisions can't be avoided. The possibility of a one-way trip to another world looms. If you could go, would you? And what would you say? What would you do? Such affect the choices that two high school seniors must make. 

Review A very readable, unparalleled story of stories, with drawings by Dominic Catalano

Trick or Treat, Old Armadillo

Larry Dane Brimner
 (author), Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (September 2010)

ISBN-10: 1590787587 ISBN-13: 978-1590787588

Editorial Reviews

From School Library Journal

Old Armadillo, the star of Merry Christmas, Old Armadillo (Boyds Mills, 1995), can't wait to celebrate Halloween. He gets his treats ready and settles in with a good book of ghost stories. While he anxiously waits for ghouls and pirates to knock on his door, his friends assemble outside, ready to scare him. However, it is Armadillo who scares the others. Brimner infuses this tale with humor and Southwestern flavor. Spanish words are sprinkled throughout and defined in a glossary at the beginning of the book. All of Old Armadillo's friends dress in outlandish costumes, and their affection for one another is evident in their good cheer. Most spreads have a large picture showing the action outside the house as well as a small illustration of the armadillo. Catalano's dark pastel illustrations work well with the text, setting the stage for the spooky night and a few spooky stories. The narrative is too long for storytimes, but it would work well for one-on-one sharing.Susan E. Murray, Glendale Public Library, AZ Copyright 2010. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc.

Mouse Island by Eve Bunting (Author), Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: Boyds Mills Pr (March 1, 2008) 

ISBN-10: 1590784472
978-1590784471 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Mouse lives alone on an island. At night he watches the lighthouse beacon flash across the water, a warning to ships to stay off the rocks. In the daytime, he dozes in the sun, or searches for tasty sea morsels for dinner. Whales swim by and sea lions bark for him. Life is good. So why does he have a feeling that something is missing something that would make it even better? One day a boat sinks near the island, and Mouse swims to the rescue of a strange, furry creature that has been tossed into the ocean. What is it? What kind of dangerous creature has he saved? Eve Bunting's charming tale of an unlikely friendship is warmly illustrated by Dominic Catalano.

Editorial Review From Booklist .....Full-page pastel illustrations competently portray the characters and their pleasant ambience as this cat-and-mouse tale unfolds. Grades K-2. --Randall Enos

Clink.jpg (49948 bytes)Clink, Clank, Clunk  by Miriam Aroner, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: Boyds Mills Press (February 2006)
ISBN: 1590782704 order.gif (1197 bytes)
94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Editorial Reviews
From School Library Journal
In a story reminiscent of John Burningham's Mr. Gumpy's Motor Car (HarperCollins, 1976), Rabbit, driving his purple convertible to town, picks up Mole, Squirrel, Porcupine, Possum, Beaver, Crow, Skunk, Fox, and Cow. As each animal climbs into the old junker, something else goes amiss with it. Just before they reach their destination, the hunk-o-junk comes to a screeching halt. All hop out and push it uphill until it is able to roll down the other side to town. There Rabbit junk[s] that clunker, buys a new red auto, and drives his friends home in style. Simple, rhythmic text with plenty of action words and lively pastel illustrations make this a good choice for sharing aloud with preschoolers.-Sally R. Dow, Ossining Public Library, NY
Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.


Hush! by Dominic Catalano Reading level: Ages 4-8 Edition: Hardcover 32 pages Publisher: Gingham Dog Press; (October 1, 2003) 1577686799.01.LZZZZZZZ (39380 bytes)

ISBN: 1577686799  order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Editorial Reviews
From School Library Journal Prior to the title page, a picture shows a child waking up from a bad dream. She calls for her father, who then begins a series of verses that are a takeoff on the traditional nursery rhyme "Hush Little Baby." Dad's versions are full of action and drama, as is the art that depicts them. About midway through, his daughter tries to interrupt him, but he is on a roll and just doesn't stop. In fact, he breaks his flow to say, "Hush." Finally, she is able to tell him that all she really wants is a hug. He sings one more verse, they hug, and now it is her turn to say, "Hush." Illustrations are done in muted tones depicting the nighttime scenario. The artwork begins with thinly framed paintings. Once dad gets going, the pictures open out and fill the entire spread. As the story winds down, the pictures are once again framed. Observant children will note that many of dad's ideas come from his daughter's toys. This is an interesting and fun take on the rhyme that will pair well with Allan Ahlberg's Mockingbird (Candlewick, 1998). Kathleen Simonetta, Indian Trails Public Library District, Wheeling, IL Copyright Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

1590780884.01.LZZZZZZZ (51065 bytes)Bernard Wants a Baby by Joan Elizabeth Goodman, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Baby-Preschool Edition: Paperback 32 pages
Publisher: Boyds Mills Pr; (April 2004)
ISBN: 1590780884
order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)




Mr. Basset Plays by Dominic Catalano Reading level: Ages 4-8 Edition: School & Library Binding 32 pages Publisher: Boyds Mills Pr; (April 2003) 1590780078.01.LZZZZZZZ (40494 bytes)

ISBN: 1590780078   order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Editorial Reviews
From School Library Journal Something is missing in Mr. Basset's life. Rich beyond his wildest dreams, the hound enjoys a mansion and a private butler, but is unfulfilled-until he sees puppies and kittens playing outside. "By my grandmother's tail, I know what I've been missing!- I want to play!" He orders his butler to purchase the same things with which the little ones amuse themselves. But instead of getting a toy boat and horse, musical instruments, and paint and paper, Walter buys a 60-foot yacht, a trip around the world to collect art, a real horse, and a symphony orchestra. But none of it suits sad and depressed Mr. Basset, who ultimately takes to his bed. Finally, Walter insists that his employer go outside, and a pajama-clad Mr. Basset accidentally catches a passing ball. Voile…! Mr. Basset has found the key to his happiness: youngsters to play with. Large, bold illustrations fill the pages with color, bringing these well-dressed characters to life with personality and humor. Leslie Barban, Richland County Public Library, Columbia, SC Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist .... The richly hued, carefully shaded art catches an expressive cat-and-dog cast engaged in familiar activities, with witty canine-related details placed throughout. As Mr. Basset learns, wealth doesn't mean having it all, but having friends is priceless--at any age. Shelle Rosenfeld Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

Bernard Goes to School by Joan Elizabeth Goodman, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Baby-Preschool Edition: School & Library Binding 32 pages ; Publisher: Boyds Mills Pr; (August 2001)1563979586.01.LZZZZZZZ (51390 bytes)
ISBN: 1563979586   order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Editorial Reviews
From School Library Journal
Once again, the recalcitrant elephant from Bernard's Bath (Boyds Mills, 2000) faces what he considers an unpleasant situation: starting nursery school. His adoring parents and grandmother accompany him on the first day and soon become enthralled with blocks, paints, and doll tea parties. Bernard stands alone, demanding to go home. The understanding teacher suggests he might like to feed the fish. He agrees unenthusiastically but soon becomes involved, especially after a girl comes to help name the creatures. Shortly thereafter, Bernard again says that it's time to go home, but this time he means that he's ready for his family to leave. The anthropomorphic elephants, the females distinguished by jeweled headbands, are depicted in fantastic colors of purple, orange, green, gold, and teal. In varied perspectives, the pictures flow vigorously across one and a half pages and incorporate the large, well-spaced type. With a lively, conversational text, humor, a simple plot, and a positive resolution, the book reassuringly addresses the common problem of adjustment to preschool.Patricia Pearl Dole, formerly at First Presbyterian School, Martinsville, VA Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist Young children going to preschool or kindergarten for the first time will identify with Bernard, the elephant who feels ambivalent about the whole scene. His expressive face covers feelings from fear to curiosity to embarrassment, and finally pleasure. When Mama and Papa and Grandma take Bernard to school and meet his new teacher, Miss Brody, they are reluctant to leave. The adults immediately begin playing with blocks, dolls, and dress-up clothes. In these scenes, Bernard is often pictured on the edge of the illustration or even outside its border. But then, the sensitive Miss Brody asks Bernard to help her feed the fish, and he begins to feel comfortable enough to make a new friend. That gives Catalano the cue to allow Bernard a more central position in the pictures. This bright, comforting book will be good to share with a shy or nervous youngster heading off to school. Kathy Broderick Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved        

Santa and the Three Bears by Dominic Catalano (Author and Illustrator) Reading level: Baby-Preschool Hardcover - 32 pages (October 2000) Boyds Mills Pr; ISBN: 1563978644dc1-56397-864-4sm.jpg (5372 bytes)
                                           order.gif (1197 bytes)
94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

It's the night before Christmas and Mrs. Claus is preparing a surprise party for Santa. She and her helpers have baked the cookies and cakes. They have strung the garland and lights. Now all they need is a Christmas tree. While Mrs. Claus and helpers are searching the woods, a family of bears comes across the Claus's house. The house looks so warm and cozy and smells so good that they make themselves right at home. But what will happen when Mrs. Claus returns? Dominic Catalano's variation on the Goldilocks story is filled with warmth and holiday good cheer.

From The author, Dominic Catalano , August 12, 2000 The Christmas spirit wrapped around a favorite fairy tale.
My interest in writing and illustrating this tale grew from my love of Polar Bears. In search of a new Christmas story idea, the themes of Goldilocks and the Three Bears merged with Santa and the North Pole. The results are fun and adorable complete with a climax that demonstrates the true spirit of Christmas giving. Enjoy! And, have a very BEARY Christmas!

Bernard's Nap by Joan E. Goodman, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover - 32 pages 1 Ed edition (January 1999) Boyds Mills Pr; ISBN: 1563977281  dc1563977281.jpg (5947 bytes)
                                          order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
Received a 1999 Parents Choice Silver Medal Award
From Horn Book
Bernard the elephant bounces on his bed while his mom, dad, and grandma each put themselves to sleep trying to get him to nap. He takes special care of each of them before finally settling down to sleep. Although the story offers nothing new, the text is well written, and the illustrations convey a soft, cozy world of soothing color. Copyright 1999 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.                                                                                       

Frog Went A-Courting : A Musical Play in Six Acts Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8  (September 1998) Boyds Mills Pr; ISBN: 1563976374 ;   DC1563976374.GIF (22318 bytes)  
                                    order.gif (1197 bytes)   94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
From Kirkus Reviews , August 15, 1998 The subtitle refers not to a theatrical play, but a simple, amiable retelling of the folk song, divided into six sections. Catalano sets the tale in 17th-century Scotland, casting various animal species in the lead roles. The syntax is manipulated to produce rhymes: ``When Frog went a-courting he did ride with pipes and a drummer by his side. So high upon his mount Frog sat, his buckled boots shone black as jet.'' Pastel illustrations show the animals in lavish clothing and mannered poses. Welcome tension arrives in the form of a cat, who has been seen in the background; it pounces into the party scene with lethal accuracy, but carries off the bagpipe rather than the player. -- Copyright 1998, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

Sleeping Beauty Christine San Jose, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator)  Reading level: Ages 4-8
(September 1997) Boyds Mills Pr; ISBN: 1563976366 ;  DC1563976366.GIF (11596 bytes)
                                                order.gif (1197 bytes) 
94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Blending rhyme and prose set against richly colored illustrations, a retelling of the story of Sleeping Beauty, designed for small children, captures the classic fairy tale of lasting love set in a seventeenth-century world of enchantment."

Merry Christmas, Old Armadillo Larry Dane Brimner, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Paperback - 32 pages Reprint edition (October 1997) Boyds Mills Pr;   DC1563976781.GIF (9487 bytes)
ISBN: 1563976781    order.gif (1197 bytes)   94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
School Library Journal, Starred Review A charming story of surprise and friendship on Christmas Eve set in the desert of the Southwest.... A winning combination of text and pictures that celebrates an old theme in a new way.

From Booklist , September 15, 1995   Catalano's illustrations are carefully executed. With the soft look of pastels, they'll grab kids with their colors and their ample details. Stephanie Zvirin Copyright 1995, American Library Association. All rights reserved

Bernard's Bath  Joan Elizabeth Goodman, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Baby-Preschool Hardcover - 32 pages (March 1996) Boyds Mills Pr; ISBN:  dcBernardbath.gif (8663 bytes)
1563973235  order.gif (1197 bytes)   94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

From Booklist , February 1, 1996  It's time for Bernard's bath, but the baby elephant stubbornly refuses to come out of the closet. Mama creates mountains of bubbles, Papa throws in Duck-Duck, and Grandma offers a boat, but Bernard doesn't take the bait. So Papa climbs in to show Bernard how much fun baths are, then Mama climbs in, and finally Grandma. The three grownups have such a blast that Bernard can't resist joining them. This is perfect for a preschool audience: the text is short and sweet, and Catalano's pastel illustrations are bursting with all the fun and activity one would expect from a tub full of lively elephants. Use this with the hilarious King Bidgood's in the Bathtub (1985), about an unruly king who refuses to get out of the bathtub, to illustrate the concept of opposites, or with Raffi's delightful song "Bathtime" to add a multimedia aspect to story time. Lauren Peterson Copyright 1996, American Library Association. All rights reserved

From Horn Book Bernard's initial reluctance and eventual exuberance are expressively captured in the boisterous illustrations. -- Copyright 1996 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Reason for the Pelican John Ciardi, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 School & Library Binding - 64 pages 35th anniv edition (December 1994) Boyds Mills Pr;  .dcPelican.gif (9649 bytes)

                            ISBN: 1563973707   order.gif (1197 bytes)  94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

A newly illustrated, anniversary edition of a classic children's book, the author's first work of poetry for children, features an appreciation of his work written for parents and teachers by the renowned poet, X. J. Kennedy.

From Horn Book The thirty-fifth anniversary edition of Ciardi's first book of poetry for children -- containing such classics as he Principal Part of a Pythonand and Sizes-- has .... a wonderful portrait, in the form of an afterward by X. J. Kennedy, of the poet. -- Copyright 1995 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

Christian Books

The Shepherd's Christmas Story Shepherd.jpg (59173 bytes)

by Dandi Daley Mackall,

Dominic Catalano (Illustrator)
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House (July 2005)
ISBN: 0758609043

order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)


0758606699.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_ (69265 bytes)

A Tree for Christmas

by Dandi Daley Mackall,
Dominic Catalano (Illustrator)

Hardcover: 32 pages

Publisher: Concordia Publishing House (June, 2004)

ISBN: 0758606699 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)


The Bear Who Loved Puccini Arnold Sundgaard, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) / Published 1992 Rabbit Surprise Eric L. Houck, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) / Published 1993
Rise and Shine! Nancy White Carlstrom, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) / Published 1993That Extraordinary Pig of Paris! Roni Schotter, Dominic Catalano (Illustrator) / Published 1994
Wolf Plays Alone  Dominic Catalano / Published 1992

School Presentations

Dominic Catalano will be in China for 2 to 3 years and says, "while I'm away I plan on returning with new experiences, new books and new energy for presentations."

As an illustrator and author of children's picture books Dominic Catalano says, "I find it a privilege and an honor to visit schools and talk with young people about my work and the book publishing industry. My programs are designed to meet the needs of students at all levels."

A typical full day would include four to five individual programs during the school day, each lasting about 50  minutes (even K-1!). Each program includes a slide talk, hands-on activities, group activities, and a drawing / airbrush demonstration.

Dominic will provide information about ordering books and would be available through the day for book signings. As a special addition, some schools have scheduled an evening parent's program on the day of a school visit.

Dominic Catalano is interested in booking a program for your school and travels throughout the Northeast (further if requested) and can combine programs in districts that are next door neighbors over several days.

The professional fees are:


Dominic Catalano
803 Cherry ST.
Perrysburg, Ohio 43551-1611

Phone: 614 316 1166


For more information about Dominic Catalano visit:

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