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Deborah Nourse Lattimore began writing and illustrating books for young and zesty readers when she was in the 6th grade at Beverly Hills California. Asked to write something about ancient Egypt for a local paper competition, she won the contest with her story "Egypt from a Camel's Point of View."   Wining scholarships to Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles, she also attended UCLA studying art, art history and archeology as well as near eastern studies in graduate school. Deborah studied writing for young people with Sue Alexander and illustration with Diane Goode. When an editor from HarperCollins liked her work and offered a contract, Deborah was so excited she accidentally burned a chicken in the oven. Now she tells her students at UCLA,  "If you want to get published it doesn't hurt to make a little burnt offering to the gods in the process."

Ms. Lattimore has traveled all over the world as a scholar, an artist, and a writer. She loves creating picture books that take young readers on amazing journeys back through time to ancient and mysterious cultures. "When I'm not writing or illustrating," Deborah says,  "I'm often teaching at UCLA, Art Center College of Design (in Pasadena, California), or doing workshops in the U.S. or in Europe."

To Purchase Illustrations Available  - Email Deborah at deborah_lattimore@yahoo.com

Published Books

Tasha's Matrioska Dolls by Jana Dillon, Deborah Nourse Lattimore (Illustrator) Hardcover (September 2002); Reading level: Ages 4-8 Hardcover: 32 pages Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux; (May 2003)
ISBN-10: 0374373876 ISBN-13: 978-0374373870 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
A sweet confection about the first nesting dolls

In old Moscow live a girl named Sasha and her grandfather, a boxmaker. One day Sashas rag doll is eaten by mice. Her loving grandfather sets out to make her a doll that is impervious to mice, rats, cats, and even the Tsars cavalry. What can it be but seven carved wooden dolls nestled together to form one thumbling doll the first matrioshka, or little mother.
How Sashas grandfather comes to make the doll is at the heart of this warm intergenerational story, lavishly illustrated in brilliant watercolors and colored pencils.

Editorial Reviews
From School Library Journal    Lattimore's detailed illustrations keep the action moving along with colorful patterned borders, textiles, and backgrounds. She bases Sasha's matrioshkas on those created by artisans in a village south of Moscow. Children who are unfamiliar with this art form will be charmed by the idea, while collectors can place this book alongside Corinne Demas Bliss's The Littlest Matryoshka (Hyperion, l999), a similar story of loss and recovery. Susan Hepler, Burgundy Farm Country Day School, Alexandria, VA Copyright 2003 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Booklist    The borders, backgrounds, and interiors are brightly colored and patterned in a Russian folk style, so the dolls blend agreeably into their surroundings. Pair this with Susan Bonners' The Wooden Doll (1991) for a matrioshka storytime. GraceAnne DeCandido Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

From Kirkus Reviews
"Dillon's literary legend explains the origin of the tiny matrioshkas [nesting dolls]...Lattimore's use of watercolors and colored pencils is masterful. Her exquisite illustrations, dominated by folk art motifs and glorious colors, are reminiscent of Old Russia...A delightful tale destined to delight readers and collectors of the charming carvings."

From Publisher's Weekly   "   Dillon crafts an imaginative and touching fable...The plot is clever and the topic has automatic appeal for doll lovers. What may be most striking, however, are the insight and nuance Dillon brings to the relationship between Boxer and Sasha...A most satisfying tale."

The Winged Cat : And Other Tales of Ancient Civilizations by Deborah Nourse Lattimore Reading level: Ages 4-8 Paperback: 80 pages Publisher: HarperTrophy; 1st Harper Trophy ed edition (May 28, 2002)

ISBN-10: 0064421546 ISBN-13: 978-0064421546 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Journey to the Egyptian Netherworld with a young girl named Merit, a wicked priest, and a winged cat.

Face the challenges of the Goddess with Minoan prince Akros and his sister Illyra.

Fight for freedom in ancient Babylon with slave boy Enki and his ally, the demon of storms.

Step into three glorious ancient worlds, where magic amulets are gifts of the gods, where angry Priestesses set impossible tasks, and where compassion can help set people free. Master storyteller Deborah Nourse Lattimore brings to wondrous life all the adventure and magic of three tales of the distant past.


Child of Atlantis by Robert D. San Souci, Deborah Nourse Lattimore (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 Hardcover  Publisher: Golden Books (July 2003)

ISBN-10: 0307411761 ISBN-13: 978-0307411761 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

During the reign of the wicked King Atlas, the last ruler of Atlantis, the sea god Poseidon watches over a developing rivalry between the sons of a fisherman and a nobleman.

Cinderhazel by Deborah Nourse Lattimore (Author) Reading level: Ages 4-8 Paperback: 32 pages Publisher: Scholastic Paperbacks (October 1, 2002) 

ISBN-10: 0439394716 ISBN-13: 978-0439394710 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Cinderhazel is a blond witch who loves dirt more than anything. When her stepsisters and stepmother fly oiff to attend the annual Halloween witches' ball, where the elusive Prince Alarming will make an appearance, they leave Cinderhazel behind. All her attempted spells turn to dust -- until her witchy fairy godmother appears and sends Cinderhazel off to meet the equally messy prince. Could this be the beginning of filthily ever after?

Editorial ReviewsFrom School Library Journal  ...Children will delight in Lattimore's humorous watercolor illustrations of green-faced witches with wild frazzled hair. Nancy Menaldi-Scanlan, LaSalle Academy, Providence, RI  Copyright 1997 Reed Business Information, Inc.

From Kirkus Reviews  ... The feverishly smudged illustrations depict look-alike potato-faced witches amidst a constant swirling tornado of witch hats, brooms, soot, spiders, and party decorations. (Picture book. 5-8) -- Copyright 1997, Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

The Sailor Who Captured the Sea : And Other Celtic Tales by Deborah Nourse Lattimore, Reading level: Ages 9-12, Paperback - 80 pages (January 2002) HarperTrophy; dnl0064421538.01 (47157 bytes)

                              ISBN: 0064421538 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

In ancient Ireland, watch a young artist struggle to complete an illuminated manuscript within the darkened walls of a monastery.

Find out how a Scottish king outwits the Queen of the Fairies to save his own sons.

On a rocky cliff in Cornwall, witness the horrifying ending of a ghost, a knight, and a beautiful woman named Morgenna.

Much of the rich folklore we know today -- such as the legendary tales of Camelot-comes from the British Isles. Here are stories about ghosts, fairies, kings, beautiful noblewomen, magical swords, and Viking raiders. Visit misty moors, rocky cliffs, and darkened monasteries with acclaimed folklorist Deborah Nourse Lattimore as she spins traditional tales into story magic.

Arabian Nights : 3 Tales by Deborah Nourse Lattimore (Illustrator), Reading level: Ages 9-12,  80 pages (November 2000) HarperCollins Children's Books;dnl0064421368.01 (52513 bytes)

               Paperback - ISBN: 0064421368 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

                  Hardcover ASIN: 0060245859 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Travel to ancient Cathay and meet young Aladdin as he engages in a battle of wits with an evil sorcerer. Enter an underground cave and come face-to-face with the Queen of the Serpents. Journey across a boundless desert to find the Lost City of Brass--and discover for yourself the horrible fate that befell its inhabitants. Many years ago, the stars twinkled in the desert sky as a beautiful woman entertained a sultan for one thousand and one nights with tales of demons and jinns, sultans and sailors, glittering jewels and lost lands. In this lively and accessible retelling, Deborah Nourse Lattimore brings to wondrous life all the adventure and magic of three of those special tales--tales so amazing, they can't be true.

Or can they?

Editorial Reviews
From Booklist
  Lattimore retells three tales from The Arabian Nights" Aladdin," "The Queen of the Serpents," and "Ubar, the Lost City of Brass" --without the framework story of the 1,001 nights. Her distinctive full-color artwork conveys the drama, mystery, and magic of the stories as well as the occasional opulence of the settings. With at least one full-page illustration for every page of text and a riveting picture on the jacket, this attractive edition will have greater appeal for younger children than will Alderson's collection (also reviewed in this issue). Carolyn Phelan

Medusa by Deborah Nourse Lattimore (Illustrator), Reading level: Ages 9-12,  32 pages (May 2000)
HarperCollins Children's Books; dnl0060279044.01 (69538 bytes)
     Library Binding - ISBN: 0060279052 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

    Hardcover (April 25, 2000) ISBN: 0060279044 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

    Medusa was born the only beautiful daughter to the ugliest sea witch ever to inhabit the depths of the ocean. Her looks were radiant enough to gain the adoration of Poseidon, King of the Oceans, causing her to become very vain. But vanity is a dangerous thing in a world controlled by jealous gods. Athena, goddess of beauty, is angered by Medusa's conceit and pronounces a curse: "Anyone who looks at you will turn to stone. Hide yourself if you can!" When this, Medusa is transformed into a hideous monster, forced to hide herself in a distant cave and await her fate.

    When Perseus, a mortal son of Zeus, is ordered by the sinister Polydectes to deliver the head of Medusa, it seems he has been chosen to see that Athena's curse reaches its fruition. But how will he accomplish what no other mortal has been able to? How will he survive the glare of Medusa? Is it possible Medusa will defy her cursed fate?

    In her masterfully written and imaginatively illustrated book, Deborah Nourse Lattimore re-creates the tragedy of one of the best-known Greek myths--the tale of the gorgon Medusa.

Editorial Reviews
From Booklist  The narrative starts off with an account of Medusa as a proud blond beauty, transformed by jealous Athena into a snake-headed monster, so ugly that those who look at her turn to stone. Then the story switches to Perseus, who must behead Medusa and save his mother. What will hold kids are the stand-offs between people and gods ("you bragging daughter of a mud toad") as well as the lush paintings of the gorgon with her swirling head of snakes. The paintings make you see that the blond beauty's springy curls could become swirling snakes, just as the monster-woman's head is like a gorgeously colored mosaic, wild and terrifying. Hazel Rochman Copyright American Library Association. All rights reserved

From Kirkus Reviews
  Lattimore (Cinderhazel, 1997, etc) presents the Medusa legend as an elaborate curse orchestrated start to finish by a savagely jealous goddess. Though her mother is “one part poisonous eel, one part giant water snake, and a third part woman,” Medusa is so beautiful that Poseidon himself is entranced. When Medusa gloats privately that she is more beautiful than Athena, the wrathful goddess rises up, changes her into a snake-haired gorgon, and then pushes young Perseus into hunting her down and beheading her. The penalty's extremity makes Medusa something of a tragic figure, and she looks in Lattimore's swirling, patterned paintings more magnificent than hideous—even beautiful in a scaly, pointy-toothed way.  --
Copyright 2000 Kirkus Associates, LP. All rights reserved.

Flame of Peace : A Tale of the Aztecs by Deborah Lattimore, Reading level: Ages 4-8, Library Binding (October 1999) Econo-Clad Books; dnl0064432726.01 (65151 bytes)

                    ISBN: 0613033345 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

                    ASIN: 0064432726 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

To prevent the outbreak of war, a young Aztec boy must outwit nine evil lords of the night to obtain the flame of peace from Lord Morning Star.



I Wonder What's Under There? : A Brief History of Underwear (Lift-The-Flap Book (Harcourt Brace & Co.).)
by Deborah Nourse Lattimore, David A. Carter (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 9-12 Hardcover - 24 pages Liftflap edition (October 1998) Browndeer Press;dnl0152766529.01 (73959 bytes)

                             ISBN: 0152766529 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

When Julius Caesar came, saw, and conquered Gaul, what was he wearing under his toga? Lift the flaps and see underwear through history in this funny and informative book for all ages.

Editorial Reviews
From Horn Book
Lattimore explores the use of undergarments around the globe and across history, noting that the loincloth has been almost universally used. Depicting everything from men's corsets to garter belt girdles, the lighthearted illustrations often show people in the context of their times. The use of flaps to peek under clothing is fun, though some of the flaps work better than others. -- Copyright 1999 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.


Gittel's Hands by Erica Silverman, Deborah Nourse Lattimore (Illustrator) Reading level: Ages 4-8  32 pages Reading level: Ages 4-8 dnl0816737991.01 (7913 bytes)

Paperback -(March 1998) Troll Assoc;ISBN: 0816737991order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Hardcover (March 1996) Bridgewater Books; ISBN: 0816737983 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)



Frida Maria UN Cuento Del Sudoeste De Antes/Frida Maria Story of the Old Southwest by Deborah Lattimore, Library Binding (October 1999) Econo-Clad Books; dnlFrida.jpg (107507 bytes)

                ISBN: 0613022998 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Two six-page gatefolds and fresco-like paintings enhance the drama, and the fun, of the strong-willed Frida Maria's preparations--with her horse, Diablo--for the fiesta, her attempts to please Mama by behaving properly, and her decision concerning a high-stakes race.

Editorial Reviews
From Horn Book
In a tale set in nineteenth-century California, a young seorita's mother, distressed at her youngest daughter's tomboyish ways, tries to teach her to act like a fine lady in time for the big fiesta. ... The colorful art, executed in watercolor and colored pencil over modeling paste, features authentic details of the past. Glos. -- Copyright 1994 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

The Winged Cat : A Tale of Ancient Egypt by Deborah Nourse Lattimore, Reading level: Ages 9-12
Paperback (September 1995) HarperTrophy;
dnl0064434249.01 (65595 bytes)

           ISBN: 0064434249 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)

Merit is a servant girl in the temple of cat goddesses. In a rage, Waha, the High Priest, kills a sacred cat, and Merit sees him do it.But when Merit reports the evil deed to Pharaoh, Waha denies that he is guilty. "Hear me!" says Pharaoh. "You must each take the magic spells from the Book of the Dead and travel to the Netherworld." Will Truth conquer all?

Editorial Reviews
From Horn Book
  An evil High Priest drowns a servant girl's sacred cat after he trips over it. The Pharaoh, unsure who killed the cat, sends both the priest and the girl to the Netherworld for judgment. The rather complex story is accompanied by hieroglyphs and strikingly handsome illustrations in the style of ancient Egypt..... -- Copyright 1992 The Horn Book, Inc. All rights reserved.

-- School Library Journal
"A strong sense of drama that carries readers along [is] just and satisfying."

-- The Kirkus Reviews
"The illustrations are scrumptious."

The Lady With the Ship on Her Head (Reading Rainbow Book) by Deborah Nourse Lattimore, Reading level: Ages 4-8, Paperback Reprint edition (February 1992) Harcourt; ISBN: 0152435263 Reading level: Ages 9-12
Library Binding (October 1999) Econo-Clad Books;
                                                          ISBN: 0833585312 order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)
Madame Pompenstance wants desperately to win the prize for Best Headdress at the Fancy Dress Ball. But when a small ship sails right onto her head at the beach, Madame's day turns hilarious. A wonderful spoof on fashionable life in 18th-century France. Full-color throughout.

The Fool and the Phoenix : A Tale of Ancient Japan by Deborah Nourse Lattimore, Reading level: Ages 4-8, Hardcover: 40 pages Publisher: Joanna Cotler; 1st ed edition (September 30, 1997)

ISBN-10: 0060262095 ISBN-13: 978-0060262099  order.gif (1197 bytes) 94X32-W-LOGO.GIF (1338 bytes)


Deborah Nourse Lattimore
HOW A BOOK IS MADE This workshop is all about designing a 32-page or 40-page illustrated book, from originating characters and settings, costumes, architecture, and layouts in dummy, to executing the color finishes. These is also a discussion of how the book is printed, marketed, distributed and what the author can or might do to help the book sell well.
WRITING A PICTURE BOOK This is a workshop all about writing, revising, editing, building drama, tension, "show-don't-tell", what to write and what to expect the artist to illustrate. It goes into my background of what interests are and how they turn into books for young readers. Naturally, since I write and illustrate, some of the above information is also included in this talk.
CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP This workshop can be adapted for almost any age group, from elementary to high school to college level. It is geared to inspire writers, whether in fiction or non-fiction, to write what matters while at the same time learning useful tools, such as self-editing, marketing, publishing information and marketing your work. Students of all ages will be directed towards great places to send work, for fun and/or profit.
ILLUSTRATION WORKSHOP This is a workshop designed to show artists how to design a book dummy, to develop characters and pace a book through to the end, as well as work on color finishes. Depending on how much time is allotted to this workshop, progress can go from quick overview to actually completing a project. For kids: illustrating your own books.
TIDBITS I also offer workshops geared to particular subjects requested by different groups, such as, How to Use Picture Books in the Classroom, Picture Books and Social Studies, Deborah Lattimore (An Autobiographical Talk), and writing and/or illustration directly linked to course-work of your own choice. I translate Egyptian Hieroglyphics and am glad to do ancient Egyptian workshops in writing, history, myths and more.

Deborah Lattimore prefers to do three to four 45 minutes talks, and then hold a Question and Answer session. She draws on an easel and donates all pad sketches to the school. Frequently talks are given to 3-4 classes in each session and she is happy to talk with larger or smaller groups including PTA and from Kindergarten to high school writing or art classes.

Deborah has a promotion pack available upon request. Her profession fee is $800 to $1,000 a day depending on the number of sessions and by arrangement.


Deborah Nourse Lattimore

Phone (310) 454-9303

Mailbox.gif (1210 bytes)deborah_lattimore@yahoo.com

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