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Aspen Black

707 Marcus Road

Rocky Mount, VA 24151

Phone: 540-493-4536








Aspen Black



Aspen Black is a cowgirl poet, singer/songwriter, educator, author, painter and award-winning horse woman. She is the owner/operator of Buksbari Ranch, Inc., in Rocky Mount, Virginia, and founder of the Empowered Riding program. Her latest book, "Peek-A-Boo, Buckaroo" is a collection of self-illustrated poems for children, aged 2-6.

Her interactive games, costuming, and authentic information about horses, cowboys, cowgirls and the western lifestyle entertain, educate and captivate audiences of all ages.


Awards and Honors

Aspen's Eastern Western Cowgirl CD won the 2015 Rural Roots Music Commission Female Country-Western CD of the Year

Top-five for Western Music Assocation Female Poet of the Year (2015)

Western Music Assocation Poetry Cd of the Year (2015)















It's cowboy day!  Pre-K & Kindergarten can expect to be entertained and educated, by nationally award-winning cowgirl poet, singer/songwriter and horsewoman, Aspen Black.  Aspen brings her newest book, Peek-A-Boo, Buckaroo! to life through interactive games, call and response, a craft & ensuing game of fantasy, hands-on exploration of real saddles, bridles, bits and other horse items and musical interpretation.  A custom program including Pre-Guitar instruction (where every student learns to play three easy songs in the very first session), and/or a concert (formal or informal) featuring original western songs for kids can be arranged. As an added caveat, children learn about authentic cowboy culture and the craft of cowboy poetry!

Fees for schools range from $50 - $200, depending on the length of program and travel expenses. Scheduling restrictions apply beyond the mid-Atlantic region.


















Aspen worked in K-5th grade classrooms as a reading and math tutor and RTI Specialist (SIS) in the Franklin County Public Schools from 2008-2014, leaving to homeschool her own two children. References from teachers and principals available.  Currently, in addition to running a farm for retired horses, she travels the country giving workshops, concerts and presentations at libraries, schools and music and cultural festivals.


For older children - ages 8 - 15

Aspen will give an age-appropriate presentation on horseback riding, based on her non-fiction horseback riding manual, Empowered Riding: The Guide for Recreational Horseback Riders.  With 27 years of experience teaching riders aged 3- 72, and working with just over 1,000 horses, Aspen educates children and teens on myth vs. reality, how to find a safe horse who will meet their riding goals, communication and trust, horse handling and care, the cost to own a horse, responsibility, stabling options, trail riding and/or showing, careers with horses and "out of the box" fun with your horse.  Program is complemented with hands-on demonstrations, a saddle to sit on as well as photos and videos of a variety of horses and activities.




Published Books
















Peek-A-Boo, Buckaroo - Western Wordplay for Kids

Aspen Black (Author, Illustrator), Reading level: for reading to children birth to age 6, Paperback & Hardcover (color) 80 pages Buksbari Ranch, Inc., Publisher (June 16, 2016) ISBN-13: 978-1-36-755224-1

Twelve original cowgirl poems, ranging from traditional to intricate rhyme and meter, with illustrations.  Beyond entertainment value, each poem addresses early literacy skills of print motivation, phonological awareness and vocabulary through the use of repetitive phrasing, word sounds, prediction, imagination, same and different, "I spy", rhymes and opposites.  Additionally, several poems introduce, or help build real-life skills, such as grooming or saddling a horse, teaching sportsmanship or building self-esteem. Parents, grandparents, older friends, and teachers will love how these poems beg to "come alive" and pull you into the cowboy world.  Warning - y'all might have more fun than the code of the west allows!


Empowered Riding - The Guide for Recreational Horseback Riders

Aspen Black (Author), Reading level: 6th grade to adult Paperback 113 pages Lemon Press Publishing (April 3, 2015) ISBN-13: 9781508715061

Teaches recreational horseback riders how to find the correct horse for their personality and goals then guides them through twelve basic exercises to build trust, balance, control and confidence. From this foundation, riders can move on to trail riding, local showing or other fun activities on horseback. The Empowered Riding method works for all levels and disciplines and is based on Aspen Black's 26 years of experience as an instructor and trainer.





The Cowgirl Rap Training Guide

Aspen Black (Author), Buksbari Ranch, Inc. (2010)

Teach your horse to dance to Aspen Black's original song "The Cowgirl Rap"!  Not only is it fun for the arena or on the trail, it tightens your horse's skills, including the sidepass, turn on the haunches, and back up, and helps nervous horses focus.  As a bonus, learn the history of Aspen's horse, Foxie's Gambler's, and read about her transformation from dangerous bucking and bolting to being so calm and trustworthy that Aspen can dance with her, play a guitar from her back and stand up in the saddle waving a large flag while singing the National Anthem! Book & DVD.






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