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      Cris Arbo besides illustrating picture books has worked as a background artist on animated feature films, cartoons and TV commercials in New York and London, and as an Art Director for The Dance Centre, Covent Garden. She also performed as vocalist with the London Philharmonic and the London Symphony. Virginia 4/2013


      Rex Barron is a film animator and book illustrator and author, who has worked for film and television productions including The Lord of the Rings, Starchaser, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, and The Pink Panther. His school visits are lively, musical and colorful.   New Mexico   2/2014

     Mary Jane Begin's award-winning children's picture book portfolio includes A Mouse Told His Mother, s Little Mouse's Painting, Before I Go To Sleep, The Porcupine Mouse, and Jeremony"s First Haircut.  She has recently completed paintings for Kenneth Grahame's classic tale The Wind in The Willows, available this Fall. Rhode Island 8/2013


      Robin Brickman is an illustrator of children's picture books which are about the natural world, artistic creativity, and the fantasy world of ghosts. With a background as a teacher in high school, then holding workshops at the Norman Rockwell Museum, Robin brings with her a deep knowledge of her subject matter and educational techniques when she visits schools. Massachusetts 5/2014


          Michael J. Caduto is a popular author, master storyteller, singer/songwriter and ecologist. He has devoted his life to promoting Earth stewardship and cultural understanding and diversity. In 1984 Michael founded P.E. A.C.E., Programs for Environmental Awareness and Cultural Exchange. Vermont 3/2013

      Susan Casey is an English teacher, a journalist, a speaker, and the author of Kids Inventing! A Handbook for Young Inventors and Women Invent! Two Centuries of Discovery That Have Shaped Our World. California  Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona 1/13

      Robert Casilla is an illustrator of many books for children, which has afforded him the great opportunity since 1989, to visit schools all over the United States. In these school visits, he does a visual presentation titled: "How I Illustrate a Children's Book." Connecticut 11/2012

      Dominic Catalano
is an artist, writer, musician, and teacher. His illustrations have appeared in a number of children's magazines and have drawn high acclaim in many books for children. Ohio 8/13

   Fern Schumer Chapman, is a journalist and author best known for her autobiographical book Motherland: Beyond the Holocaust - A Mother-Daughter Journey to Reclaim the Past. Her second book, Is It Night or Day?, was released in 2010. She is also the author of a blog, Half-life: A blog about immigration, loss and legacy. Illinois  2/13
     Brian P. Cleary  is an American humorist, writer and poet, and award-winning author with more than 2.6 million books in print. A frustrated student and reluctant learner, Cleary daydreamed his way from class to class until being introduced to poetry in third grade. Ogden Nash, e. e. cummings, Lennon & McCartney - even the bawdy musical lyrics in the Marx Brothers' comedies set him on a course to explore and celebrate the wonder of words. Compared in reviews to Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss, he is now found back in the classroom, as he's shared Ills love of our rich language with 85,000 students in 40 states. His school visits are fun presentations and workshops focusing on language, poetry, word play, puns, anagrams and the importance of the written word.Ohio 3/13

      Sneed B. Collard III
is the author of Animal Dads, Our Wet World, Making Animal Babies, and 1,000 Years Ago On Planet Earth, Sneed B. Collard III has evolved through several life-history stages on his way to becoming one of today's leading children's authors. His first book, Sea Snakes, was published in 1993. His tenth title, Our Wet World, came out in 1998 and his twentieth title, Lizard Island Science and Scientists On Australia's Great Barrier Reef was released in Fall, 2000. Sneed has over a dozen additional books in the pipeline. When he is not writing, he can often be found speaking to students, conducting teacher workshops, and walking his Frisbee-catching border collie, Mattie. Montana

       Diane deGroat has free-lanced in advertising, editorial, and design, but the main focus of her work has been in children's book illustration, with over 120 books to her credit. Many titles are for well-known authors but her most recent challenge has been writing and illustrating her own stories. Massachusetts   9/13

      Ted Dunagan, named 2009 Georgia Author of the Year in the young adult category for his debut novel, A Yellow Watermelon.  The sequel to this novel, Secret of the Satilfa, was published in 2010, and has also been nominated for the same award.  The third in the series, Trouble on the Tombigbee, is due to be published in August of 2011.   Dunagan has conducted well over 100 author events and presented to almost 8,000 elementary and middle school students.  He also writes news, sports, features and a weekly column for The Monticello News, in Monticello, Georgia, where he lives. Georgia 03/12




      Edward Allan Faine is an author of  three children's books and the editor of one grown-up book.  In addition to writing, he performs for children at schools, stores, festivals, museums and parties as "Mister How-To."  Maryland 9/11



      Nancy Glon and Adan Zedpeda collaborated to publish APPLES FOR LIFE in 1996, a Spanish edition, MANZANAS POR VIDA published in 1999 is now available. Indiana   7/2013     

      Matthew Gollub  Matthew's first language is English, but he also speaks Spanish and Japanese. In his book The Jazz Fly, he even speaks jazz! A native of California, he has traveled much of the world. His award-winning children's books and author presentations reflect his broad experience and interests. As a speaker, Matthew inspires audiences nationwide with his storytelling, drumming and command of languages a combination that teachers describe as unbelievably dynamic. He also offers family literacy events in English, Spanish, or both at the same time! Download his FREE bilingual literacy resources and check out his video clips when you click the link on his full listing. California 11/13

       Barry Gott  wrote and illustrated humorous greeting cards for several years at American Greetings, before exhausting every possible way of saying 'Happy Birthday'. Since 2002 he has sat in a comfy chair in the attic, illustrating children's books and other fun stuff. Sometimes he also visits schools to share his love of art and storytelling, and to eat tater tots from the cafeteria. Barry lives in Cleveland, Ohio, with his wife, kids, and various hairy animals. Ohio 3/12

      Mike Graf is a former classroom teacher and TV weatherman. He knows how to speak to children and his assemblies are highly engaging and informative. Mike has written over 70 books for children and teachers. Mike's presentations include personally-experienced, gripping tales about scorpion encounters, flash floods, dinosaur digs, wolf sightings, bears encounters, cave rescues and explorations, thunderstorms and lightning strikes, tornado chasing, national parks adventures, rock-climbing and many other subjects. He also presents information on weather, the writing process, and how to create great stories.California Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon South Dakota, Washington  5/14

   Peni R. Griffin is the author of numerous books for young readers, including Ghost Sitter which won the 2004 William Allen White Award and Switching Well, which was named an ALA Notable Book and a Best Book for Young Adults. Ms. Griffin lives in San Antonio, Texas. 11/11




     Cheryl E Harness, an historical dame .... Author, Illustrator, Presenter and sometime sculptor, and harmonica player. She has created many acclaimed historical picture books, including Ghosts of the Civil War, Ghosts of the White House, Ghosts of the 20th Century, Mark Twain and the Queens of the Mississippi, and Three Young Pilgrims. She lives in Independence, Missouri, with her Scottie, Maude, and her cats, Irene and Merrie Emma. . More than 40 books to her credit. Missouri 7/14
Gerald Hausman
In addition to his many books about Native America, Gerald Hausman has written extensively about animal mythology. His work as a folklorist has earned him many national and international honors.  Gerald Hausman is a frequent storyteller at college writer's programs and at young author's conferences. Florida 06/2013   

Hawk is the author of the children's books
Count Down to Fall and The Story of the H.L. Hunley and Queenie's Coin. She is a children's librarian and mother of four, and is available for author events throughout the Southeast.South Carolina 11/11

      M.H. Herlong grew up in a small town in South Carolina where the only sailing was in books and there were never any hurricanes. This suited her perfectly as reading—and writing—were always her first loves. M.H. has taught high school English and college writing, gone to law school, practiced and taught law, sailed in the Bahamas and the Virgin Islands, had four boys, studied in graduate school, and experienced hurricanes.
Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina 8/12

     Arlene Hirschfelder is the author and editor of numerous books on the Native American, including the award-winning, American Indian Stereotypes in the World of Children. She was a consultant for the US National Museum of the American Indian and for Turner Broadcasting Company's acclaimed series, The Native Americans. She likes visiting upper elementary, middle, and high schools in the Northeast. New Jersey 7/14




      Irene Kelly  "My grown-up life as an author and illustrator of children's books is not that different from my childhood. I still read and write a lot, and spend tons of time outside. I have tea in the afternoon and still play Scrabble and kick-the-can. When I'm not working on my books, I often visit schools to talk about writing and illustrating. I feel very lucky to be a children's book author and illustrator, as well as the proud companion to a chicken named Betty and a dog named Nellie. New Jersey. 2/12



     Elaine Landau is a highly acclaimed author of over 185 nonfiction books. She has written on such subjects as earth science, the supernatural, planets, dinosaurs, ancient civilizations, ecology and a broad range of contemporary issues. Florida 3/2012

        Deborah Nourse Lattimore began writing and illustrating books for young and zesty readers when she was in the 6th grade at Beverly Hills California. Asked to write something about ancient Egypt for a local paper competition, she won the contest with her story "Egypt from a Camel's Point of View."  Ms. Lattimore has traveled all over the world as a scholar, an artist, and a writer. She loves creating picture books that take young readers on amazing journeys back through time to ancient and mysterious cultures. California 05/13


       Peter Mandel is a writer of children's books and books about animals, and is currently children's book columnist for the Providence Journal-Bulletin. Mandel's newest picture book, SAY HEY! A SONG OF WILLIE MAYS, was named an recommended book, a Boston Globe "Quick Pick" for children, a Child magazine suggested title, and a San Francisco Examiner "Bay City Best." His newest chapter book for children, just out, is MY OCEAN LINER: ACROSS THE NORTH ATLANTIC ON THE GREAT SHIP NORMANDIE. Rhode Island 6/2013

Mark Marderosian, author, illustrator and TV host, has been teaching drawing and animation to ages 6 - 86 for 20 years through school appearances. He also teaches college courses and private home lessons.  Massachusetts 6/2013

Cyd Moore's energy and enthusiasm lights up the room. Her lively presentation is always a favorite at education and library conferences. She gets rave reviews from teachers, parents, and most importantly, students from kindergarten through college. Michigan 1/12


      Jeff Nathan is the creator of PunOETRY and was selected as one of the nations funniest poets by Meadowbrook Press. An award-winning children's author, educator, poet, singer and songwriter, Jeff is also the creator of CurricuLaughs, a set of curriculum-tied very humorous programs that are wildly popular with children, teachers, and principals, alike. The kids love him for his humor and the adults like the way he uses that humor to help kids learn. Don't miss out on a unique EDUCATION THROUGH SIDE-SPLITTING HUMOR experience at your school. Massachusetts  Connecticut New Hampshire New York Rhode Island, Vermont 6/12


          Paul Orshoski, an international children’s author and poet, is a former schoolteacher, coach and principal from Sandusky, Ohio.  He writes witty, humorous, rhyming children’s books and poems.  Paul is the author of eight children's books published by Treasure Bay, Inc. of Novato, California.  Treasure Bay is a leading publisher of educational children's books designed to enhance parent involvement in reading. Ohio 11/11

         Jerrie P. Oughton
author of picture books and young adult novels, covers the publishing and writing process in her presentations. See Lesson Plans and Teachers Guide among her books. North Carolina  01/13

      Vivian Owens
"... When talking with Owens, whose voice conveys a luminous, confident presence and gracious humor, one tends to linger in a front-porch, general store, dusty small-town kind of way. One suspects that whether it is a classroom, the book-crammed study in which she writes or the fiction she creates, any place infused with Owens' spirit will be secure and inviting. You may find yourself asking for a story." From the Montpelier Magazine (James Madison University)  Florida7/14


    Wendy Pfeffer, award winning author of many children's books, has also written WRITING CHILDREN'S BOOKS: GETTING STARTED, for adults. She has taught elementary school, directed a nursery school and led adult classes in writing. She especially enjoys visiting schools, teaching writing workshops and leading interactive presentations with children. New Jersey 5/11

     Laurence Pringle is the nation's leading writer of books on nature and environmental issues for young people. Author of nearly 90 books for a range of ages, many of his titles appeal to students in elementary and middle schools. His books have won numerous awards and praise from reviewers and educators, and his school programs are enjoyed across the country. New York   2/2014



R. Gary Raham, a former science teacher, is a science writer/illustrator/graphic artist with a special interest in making science fun for kids. Colorado  3/14

Frank Remkiewicz has illustrated children's books by many authors, including Alma Flor Ada and Betsy Byars. His self-illustrated works have met with positive critical reception, but he is perhaps best known as the illustrator for the popular "Horrible Harry" and "Song Lee" series, written by Suzy Kline, and the "Froggy" series, written by Jonathan London. Remkiewicz's drawings have been described by Diane Roback of Publishers Weekly as "bold swatches of color crisply outlined." Florida 11/2012

        Peter and Connie Roop have written 60 children's books ranging from historical fiction to nonfiction. Seven of their books are "Reading Rainbow" books, including Keep the Lights Burning, Abbie, a Feature Book.  Wisconsin 5/2012

         Michael Elsohn Ross is the award-winning author of the Happy Camper Handbook, Wormology, Toy Lab, and Earth Cycles. He lives at the entrance of Yosemite National Park, CA on a bluff overlooking the wild Merced River. California 3/14



      Jeff Savage is one of the nation's leading writers of non-fiction books for children. His award-winning list of more than 100 books includes biographies of positive role models in sports and entertainment, current events, and historical accounts of settling the West.
California 2/12

    David Schwartz is a renowned author whose many books, including the beloved classic, How Much Is a Million?, get kids to laugh, think, wonder and see math in whole new way. He does the same in his school assemblies, using humor, suspense, and preposterous props to leave children inspired about writing and more excited about math than any of them (or their teachers) thought possible. California  9/2013

    Chrysa Smith has had a lifelong love for words- from blue book essays and school newspapers to a stint as magazine editor for HBJ, a communications manager for a Fortune 500 company and (do I dare say?) over a dozen years as a freelance feature writer for national and regional magazines.NYC born and bred; PA resident for two decades, she also mentors alumni from St. John's University in NYC and teaches summer writing camps to children at Temple University Pennsylvania 2/12

     Educated at American University, the University of Chicago, the University of Houston and Carelton University, J.D. Smith is adept at writing in various genres. He has published fiction, essays, op-eds and reviews in a wide variety of publications in the United states, Canada, and Great Britain. He lives near Washington's Southwest Waterfront with his wife Paula and Roo the Rescue Dog in Washington D.C. 7/14

    Kathryn Starke is an elementary school reading specialist in Richmond, Virginia. she started Creative Minds Publications to promote educational material that motivates children to read, think, and learn. She participates in children's book nights, book fairs, and school international nights, She presents a variety of literacy workshops for elementary school educators Virginia 10/13

   Jane Sutcliffe  is the owner of four goats and one very spoiled dog named Willy. She is also the author of numerous nonfiction books for children, including AMELIA EARHART, MILTON HERSHEY, WALT DISNEY and THE ATTACK ON PEARL HARBOR. Her curriculum-oriented presentations to school children are always fast-paced, informative, and above all FUN. As one young fan wrote. "Now I'm more interested in biographies than I used to be."Connecticut 11/2013


     Edith Tarbescu is the author of 4 children's books and is working to launch soon two new books. She is a graduate of the State University of New York, with a B.A. in Communications. At Yale Drama School where she did post graduate work toward an M.F. A, Edith was awarded the Eugene O'Neill Scholarship both years. At Yale she studied playwriting as well as acted in stage productions.  A native New Yorker, Edith was born in Brooklyn, later moved to Connecticut and now lives between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, in New Mexico. 10/13

     Betty Tatham directed three different YWCAs for more than 20 years and she won numerous awards for her work to help children and families in need.  She also implemented programs to help children become better readers, write their own stories, and enjoy learning about nature.  Betty is the author of five nonfiction books for children including the award winning Penguin Chick and in 2003 she retired to make writing for children and school visits a full time career.  Getting children excited about reading and writing their own fiction and nonfiction stories is what she likes best about being an author.  Betty loves to travel with her husband Win and she often brings back ideas for more books.  They live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. 10/13

    Patsi B. Trollinger a Kentucky author says, "The birth of my daughters put me in touch with children's books, and I loved the high-energy style of writing." Perfect Timing, her first book, grew out of a small six-line story she noticed in the newspaper. "The story mentioned that Isaac Murphy was the first person to win three Kentucky Derbies, and I wanted to know more about him. By the time I saw his photo, I was hooked."   Kentucky  11/13

    Timothy Tocher is a retired teacher and writer from New York state. A sports enthusiast and historian, he magically transforms an auditorium into a warm fireside chat. By interacting with his audience and performing humorous stories, Timothy will leave your students and staff buzzing with excitement.  New York 6/13



    Lynette Dyer Vuong, speaks and leads workshops on fiction writing and on folklore at schools, writers groups, and other organizations. Her programs, which are described in the Presentation section below, include Five Golden Rules of Fiction and A Close Encounter with an Asian Fairy, in which she appears in costume to tell about the life of the fairies along the Silver River (the Milky Way)  Texas 11/13


     Jane Wattenberg is a San Francisco-based author and illustrator whose work has appeared on many book jackets and album covers. She has had several happy babies of her own. California7/13

    Pam Withers' best-selling and award-nominated series combines her passion for outdoor adventure with her journalism background. She researches her books thoroughly and interviews experts, ensuring accuracy and realism. She lives in Vancouver, British Columbia 7/10



     Judy Young is the author of over a dozen children’s fiction, poetry and nonfiction books. Her books have received numerous awards and honors, and Judy speaks nationwide at schools and educational conferences. With 20 years past experience in the public schools, Judy’s presentations are not only entertaining but directly related to school curriculum. Judy resides near Springfield, MO. Missouri   1/2014 

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