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I just thought I'd let you know I did a school visit in Massachusetts last
week. The coordinator had found my name on your site. Thank you again!
Jane Sutcliffe

Many thanks for your professional handling of this web-site. I have gotten several school visits from it.
Wendy Pfeffer

Thank you for the great site.  I'm still getting visits through it, even though I have my own website!
Best,Diane deGroat

Many thanks for your help and your patience.  As you can see, I've been a bit overwhelmed with good fortune - school visits I've been praying for are finally coming through!  I know your website is a help and I have referred a bunch of authors - you have the best thing going for us authors and illustrators who want to connect with schools. Best regards, Betty (Tatham)

Thank you for this service! Best wishes, Diane Greenseid

I must say...  I haven't done any "advertising" (brochure mailings, etc.) this year, and I believe many inquiries and invitations have come via the Author Illustrator Source.  I am glad I am part of your site.

Jennifer Ward

I thought you might want to know this: Recently two different people have told me of visiting my web site--but I don't have a personal web site, yet. Upon questioning they revealed that they tried me at google and my entry at author-illustr-source was the very first citing. It is also first on Yahoo and 4th at altavista. For me, that's good news!
Laurence Pringle

Thank you Paul for sending me the information on the
conference in New Mexico.

Thank you for keeping my listing current.
Elaine Landau

I had a call from a school today which I know was a result of your
website because the librarian mentioned When Pirates Came to

Thank you so much for your help.

Phyllis Shalant

I definitely want to renew, but I've just finished a new book in a new area and I'm just now getting ready to send a book cover and freshen the current pictures.

Christine Kallevig

Mr. Oughton,
I teach 6th Reading at Mason County Middle in Maysville, Ky. We are
getting ready to do an author study. I am requesting permission to link to

Thanks for being so responsive. You're terrific!

Nice work with the book section, and the photos, by the way.

Thanks for your help,


Dear Paul,

The web site looks really great.

Jacqueline Stem

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