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Robert Casilla is an illustrator of many books for children, which has afforded him the great opportunity since 1989, to visit schools all over the United States. In these school visits, he does a visual presentation titled: "How I Illustrate a Children's Book."
Small_M.Graf_Photo0002.jpg (3069 bytes) Mike Graf is a former classroom teacher and TV weatherman. He knows how to speak to children and his assemblies are highly engaging and informative. Mike has written over 70 books for children and teachers.
Mike’s presentations include personally-experienced, gripping tales about scorpion encounters, flash floods, dinosaur digs, wolf sightings, bears encounters, cave rescues and explorations, thunderstorms and lightning strikes, tornado chasing, national parks adventures, rock-climbing and many other subjects. He also presents information on weather, the writing process, and how to create great stories.
SmPhoto.jpg (16147 bytes)  Arlene Hirschfelder is the author and editor of numerous nonfiction books, including the award-winning American Indian Stereotypes in the World of Children, Kick Butts: A Kid's Action Guide to a Tobacco-Free America, and Photo Odyssey: Solomon Carvalho's Remarkable Western Adventure 1853-54. She was a consultant for the US National Museum of the American Indian and for Turner Broadcasting Company's acclaimed series, The Native Americans. She likes visiting upper elementary, middle, and high schools in the Northeast.
Copy of Irene.jpg (6112 bytes)  Irene Kelly My grown-up life as an author and illustrator of children’s books is not that different from my childhood. I still read and write a lot, and spend tons of time outside. I have tea in the afternoon and still play Scrabble and kick-the-can. When I’m not working on my books, I often visit schools to talk about writing and illustrating. I feel very lucky to be a children’s book author and illustrator, as well as the proud companion to a chicken named Betty and a dog named Nellie.”
SMWendyPix.jpg (2066 bytes)
, award winning author of many children's books, has also written WRITING CHILDREN'S BOOKS: GETTING STARTED, for adults. She has taught elementary school, directed a nursery school and led adult classes in writing. She especially enjoys visiting schools, teaching writing workshops and leading interactive presentations with children.
Frank Remkiewicz
Chrysa Smith is an award-winning juvenile fiction author of the series: The Adventures of the Poodle Posse.  The easy reader series (suggested for grades 2-4), has been a favorite for readers transitioning to chapter books and those who enjoy a fun canine tale with positive messages. School visits focus on inspiration; jump-starting students to write their own adventures and to take part in the editing process of newly published additions to the series.
Copy of retirement2.jpg (6819 bytes)  Betty Tatham has directed three different YWCAs for more than twenty years, working on programs to help children become better readers, write their own stories, and enjoy learning about nature. She has won many awards for her work to help children and families in need. She is the author of How Animals Shed Their Skin, and she lives with her husband Win in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.
Photo.jpg (3059 bytes) Timothy Tocher is a retired teacher and writer from New York state. A sports enthusiast and historian, he magically transforms an auditorium into a warm fireside chat. By interacting with his audience and performing humorous stories, Timothy will leave your students and staff buzzing with excitement.

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